About Us

Hello there!

My name is Faith Moyosore Agboola.

I’m pleased to introduce you to The African Writers, a platform which I founded on the 24th of April 2016. It was born out of the need to create a fun and educative platform that helps the new generation of writers in Africa come together to collaborate, learn more about their craft and also get showcased to the world. There is so much new talent and we have put it upon ourselves to bring these new voices to limelight.

We are essentially four awesome things…

  1. Showcase platform for African Writers – Right from our start date in 2016, The African Writers has been dedicated to showcasing all forms of writings by African writers. We do this judiciously on all our social media platforms especially Instagram and more recently on our website. You can catch up with us on Instagram @africanwriters, Twitter @writegrowbecome and Facebook facebook.com/writegrowbecome. Do ensure to like and follow us on these platforms so that you don’t miss out on the awesome things that happen there.
  2. Educational Institute – We believe that for African writers to grow in their craft and become recognized, then they need to learn more about their craft. As such we host writing classes and workshops and also educative writing conferences, all with the sole aim of helping new writers grow. You can check highlights of our last major conference on Instagram with (@africanwritersmeet) We equally regularly release writing tips on our social media platforms and our website. As such, don’t stay far away from us. Ensure to regularly check our website and social media updates if you need any one of these awesome offers. Or just subscribe to us with the subscribe button on our homepage.
  3. Media Platform – We host and cover fun and insightful literary events, writing prompts, challenges and competitions where winners are rewarded with cash prizes and opportunities. Some of these include Why Do You Write Campaign season 1 and 2, June Prompts AWNC challenge in partnership with Nwudo publishing and Mixsie Audio Books and Moonlight Tales with Feranme Okafor. If you are a writer or a brand looking for a platform that can help you promote your event or partner with you on it, then definitely reach out to us with the contact us button and we will let you know the terms. More about this is on our services page.
  4. Writing Hub/Community – Our biggest dream is to create an online empire of highly skilled and recognized writers, who see us and our community as a home. We understand that as writers, especially African writers, you will definitely face challenges and as a result, it is important to have somewhere to fall back on. Somewhere that gives you hope. Sometimes just seeing another writer pushing forward might be all you need to be a better writer. So we are here for you.


To join us and to ensure that you don’t miss a thing, do follow us on all social media platforms, subscribe to our newsletter – it’s at the top of the home page and regularly check out our website and leave comments. You can check out our services page if you want to get right into the paid-ways we can help you either as a writer or as a brand.


Thank you for stopping by and reading through, do stay with us.