Competitions And Challenges

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As part of our vision to help the new generation of writers and to entertain their reading community, we host competitions and challenges regularly to ensure that this vision is achieved.

These competitions range from a few days to one month and could be monetary or none monetary depending on the challenge.

Here are of some of our previously concluded major challenges,

#WhyDoYouWriteCampaign Season 1

On the 24th of August 2016 we commenced a ground breaking challenge to explore the minds of African Writers. The challenge was born out of the desire to lead writers to their original reason for writing and to weave them out of the web of writing solely for appraisal and money. It witnessed a total number of 52 writers who beautifully expressed themselves in more than a paragraph and the end of the challenge a lot of writers were able to realize that writing out of passion is better and more productive than writing solely for benefits. The challenge was concluded October 14, 2016.  To see more do check through Instagram with the hashtag #whydoyouwritecampaign or click here.


In the month of February 2017, we facilitated a one month writing prompt challenge to help solve the issue of writers block and lack of motivation. To be a good writer, it is important to write as often as possible. It’s the same with any talent, you need to keep nurturing it. As result we decided to show writers that it wasn’t writers block they were facing but rather it was lack of motivation to write. We created 28 topics also known as prompts for the 28 days and gave a daily deadline for submissions. A large number of writers joined in and at the end they realized the truth, thier problems with writing wasn’t scarcity of ideas or a block it was just lack of motivation and we were glad to see them continue in that spirit. To see their entries check through Instagram with the hashtag #FebruaryStepsByWGB or click here.


Between the 5th of June and the 5th of July, we facilitated a one month writing competition. It was in partnership with the Nwudo brand and Mixsie Audio books (Now Mixsie Fun Books). The competition was inspired the previous #FebruaryStepsByWGB and it took the form of the different participants writing a either a short story, a poem or recording a spoken word piece or song on the prompt of the day. This time we awarded winners in different categories. The overall winner for the prompt was given $100 courtsey of Nwudo and the top two spoken word entries were given a free audio and video recording session courtesy of Mixsie. We awarded the top ten finalists free one month publicity courtesy of our team because the end goal of every writer is to get their brand and works out to the public. This is still in progress. To view more about this search through instagram with the hashtag #JunePromptsAwnc or click here.