Sholape Abidakun popularly known as Desolape (a merger of her two names Desola and Sholape) can be said to be the community’s favourite at the June prompts challenge which occurred in June 2017. Her infectious story of how she had never been a writer before June 5, the first day of the challenge further adds momentum to her achievements. She was consistent for the 30 days and only exceeded the word limit on two occasions which a lot of people argue was the reason she did not emerge the winner. Her horror and anti-love pieces which had a unique feel, her dedication to the prompt and her friendliness to other participants printed her name in June Prompts roll of honours. Enjoy her interview with us below, where she talks inspiration, writing weaknesses and advice to new writers.


1. Who is Sholape?

Sholape is a lady who needed to write, got the push and hasn’t stopped. A lawyer and writer, first of four.

2. What was the push and when did this push happen?

I was at a very low point, lonely in my own head, unable to talk to anyone. I saw the June prompts and realized that I needed to stop wallowing in darkness, that I would write, even if nobody supported. I needed to do something and I’m glad the June prompts came at that time. So from that, you get that the push happened June 4.

3. That is beautiful, how has writing been since then?
Writing has been easy since then. The prompts forced words out of me, made me think very far. I didn’t know I was funny until June. Plus the Writing class organized by Sparkles writers hub and African Writers gave me the kick off I needed to continue, considering we were nearing the end of the June prompts.

4. Does writing energize or exhaust you?

Energize!! But I haven’t started writing a book so I don’t know if that process is exhausting. I assume it will be both.

5. What is your writing Kryptonite?

Me. Sometimes when I’m down and sad, I prevent myself from writing. Because I don’t want people to see me and my truth in those posts.

6. So you sometimes hide your true self from your writing?

Yes. So I either don’t write, or I participate in word prompt challenges. Or, I hide under these prompts and let out some of the sadness.

7. How did you feel coming third in the June Prompts? Was it something you expected or were shocked about?

Haha, I think I won before results were even announced. The recognition, the support from people I didn’t know, the love: all these made me feel like a winner already. About coming third, I was happy about it. I was even surprised I was because I didn’t obey the rules on 2 posts.

8. So how has your writing life been after the competition?

It has been really good. During the prompts, I’d get tired after posting once. But now, it’s easier. Inspiration hits from all sides.

9. We noticed your pieces have a horror kind of feel, what inspired this?

Well, I like horror. The more blood, the better. But I also like psychological horror. Stephen King does both. I’m sure I’ve read 90% of his books. Horror movies are a fave too. So I guess that shaped most of my writing in the prompts.

10. Are we expecting a book soon?

Soon is relative o! But it’s a plan. Definitely.

11. What is your advice for new budding writers who are scared to share their works on social media or to the world?

Share! Don’t wait. The excuse of no opportunities or platforms is gone. Yes, it can feel difficult, especially when people close to you don’t even understand what you’re doing. But write. Share. Start somewhere. If you aren’t sure, feel free to talk to another writer, ask for help, enter the DM. Do something. But don’t hide.

You can connect with Desolape on Instagram: @desolape