After a two month journey of writing, reading and anticipating the release of greatness, the winner’s list of The Ultimate April Challenge is finally here. Special shout out to our Founder Faith Moyosore Agboola for creating the platform and to our amazing partner Tolu A Akinyemi for collaborating with us on this project. Special thanks as well to all the amazing writers who participated. You took a great step in honing your writing skills and we know it can only get better from here. Some weeks ago, we released the top 50 shortlist and full details on the challenge. Click here to view: The Top 50 Shortlist And All About The Challenge 

The Top 10 writers below will all get prizes; either the winning cash prize or the consolation cash prize. The winner gets the sum of N25,000, the 1st Runner Up gets N15,000 Naira and the 2nd Runner Up gets N7,500. All writers in the top three get a copy of the book.  The remaining 7 writers in the top ten due to their prowess will equally get a consolation prize of N5,000 Naira each. All of the top ten writers will get special features on our website and social media pages for the next few weeks.

Here They Are:

10. @bae_sue_1

Starting a little shaky but ending with such a strong emotional pull, placed @bae_sue_1’s entry in the number ten spot. It tells the story of a young cub in a rather simple language but touching concept. At the end of the poem, you can picture the cub alone about to be feasted on. Great one Bae Sue, keep writing.


9. @ofure__

Beautiful and captivating flow of words brings this tale of a fallen African warrior to our number 9 spot. So simple yet hard to ignore is the tale told in a poem. We love the use of native expressions as we are able to take a journey quite briefly to the African Kingdom in Oshogbo. Great one Ofure, keep writing.


8.@ _.clare_

Quite similar in concept to the previous but this boasts a certain level of sophistication in the art. The use of words and flow make this fun and interesting to read. We love the fact that there wasn’t a compulsion to use the phrase in the poem as was most commonly done by other participants. The writer understood the concept and executed it rather aptly. Keep writing Clare.


The most amazing thing about this poem is how unique it is. The use of words is beautiful and message and concept stood out from the large majority. We always applaud writers who dare to tow the lines not covered by the large majority and this writer did just that. Keep writing Sere.


6. @ossymbagwu

This was one poem that connects with you from the first line, holds your attention till the last and leaves you feeling a certain way. The flow of words and ability to write with emotion pushed this entry to our number 6 spot. The writer dared to explore the more recent common free-form poetry style rather than the conventional structure and we must say it is a job well done. Keep writing Ossy Mbagwu.

5. @ofrevivian

Unique concept and great use of words make this poem a finalist material. Quite a simple inspiring message yet written in a rather layered format. Ofrevivian did justice to this poem. It is clearly powered by strong understanding and interpretation of the theme given as even without including the title Dead Lions Don’t Roar you will still connect with the theme.

4. @zizywrites

Simple…Short…yet powerful, striking and amazing. Great concept, fluid use of words and a powerful message pushed this poem to the number 4 spot only missing the top three by few points.  Very few writers have mastered the art of writing simple poems with powerful messages. Very few understand that the beauty of a poem isn’t tied to the length and use of uncommon words from the dictionary.  Those are great too but sometimes all your readers need to connect is just a simple read with a strong message. Keep writing Zizy!

2nd Runner-Up:


A unique and interesting interpretation executed with such fluid use of words moved the intriguing poem by Teslim to the top three spot. We enjoyed the unique line of thoughts and how well he executed his concept with the use of words. Every word played a significant part and not a single letter felt out of place. This poem came close to perfection and we believe its position in the top three is well earned.

1st Runner-Up:


This took us on an excruciating journey which levelled us with the last line. It explores a depressing issue currently plaguing the society. Several entries played with this theme, but this was the most effective due to simplicity and structure. With such simple words her readers are able to connect so deeply and in the end, you feel a quick rush of emotions. Great job Biola, keep writing.


The Ultimate April Challenge Winner


Reading this poem pushes its audience into a state of hysteria. It is written so beautifully that the readers can’t help but connect to it. Through his words, we are moved from our respective locations to the dark world of pain and fear which the young ones left behind by a fallen hero face. It is one poem that can be enjoyed literarily or figuratively. It is written with so much skill, that it was quite popular among the audience and even among the judges. We found this to be amazing. Congratulations Derrick on a job well done! Keep writing!


To all the participants who didn’t make it to the top ten, don’t stop writing. The more you write the better you become. Thank you all once again for a successful challenge. Thank you once again to our amazing founder Faith Moyosore Agboola(@faithmoyosore) for the initiative and to our selfless partner Tolu A. Akinyemi (@tolutoludo) for the immense support and to everyone that helped with sharing this. Do ensure to turn on post notifications on our Instagram page and subscribe to our website to ensure that you don’t miss out on new challenges, opportunities, products, services and events as a whole lot is coming from your favourite writing platform. We love you all.