1. Who is Ezeqwesiri?

Ezekwesiri is human,
African 🙂
Simple guy
…. Just a voice
2. What was it that pulled you into writing?
Firstly I’m a ‘logophile’ and I’ve always admired dark and deep sayings/people…As a kid, I could memorize words and recite. I guess I wasn’t pulled into writing…words have always been in me ab initio, perhaps stimulated by the drive to be heard, environment,  pain, depth, etc. I’m just a voice, I have to be heard…
3. You do more of spoken word poetry, what about performance poetry draws you in?
Everything…It’s the expression of the voices/words crying inside of me, it’s who I am… See It’s like this;  I can’t keep quiet even when I try,  this is me,  just a voice… When I heard Maya and other poets(by poets I mean even musicians and the likes) talk, it ignite(d)(s) some spark within me …
4. We noticed you put a lot a lot of effort into the themes and structure of the videos during the prompt, for example going to a swimming pool for a swimming prompt and going to tailors shop for a sewing prompt, what motivated these?
Yeah, I had people telling me that all that was too much for the prompt, that I was taking it too far BUT
I believe in excellence. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing excellently. I’ve done crazier things;  shot a video under the rain, travelled a far distance just to get a specific location, entered ‘no-go’ zones even paid for facilities and all that… It’s not me,  it’s the concepts in me that wants to materialize… I don’t want spoken words/poetry to have a mainstream background, it should be worth the viewer’s time.
5. How did you feel winning the competition?
Oh well,  in as much as I worked hard,  there were a couple of outstanding/talented opponents(Contestants) and to emerge as a winner was humbling for me. It proved that the judges appreciated my brand/craft, ’cause it’s one thing to be good and another thing for the judges to spot that…and I ain’t saying I was the best but hey I won and I was encouraged,  I mean motivated and inspired to do more…
Of course, I was elated as well. Thank you.
6. Asides from writing and spoken word what else are you passionate about?
I’m passionate about a whole lot and I’d try to be concise. Firstly I’m passionate about everything I do. I’m passionate about family and by family, I don’t just mean blood relation, I also mean people. I’m passionate about football and chess; I almost forfeited my academics for football. I’m the crazy guy,  I love adventures, I’d like try new things, take risks… I love God… I love creativity, not just in poetry but art as a whole;  acting(I can do that), music, drawing,  dancing,   etc. I wanna meet people, I wanna inspire people… I’m passionate about learning and all that is learning…
7. What is your biggest fear as a writer?
Waking up one day and it’s all gone (inspiration, motivation, etc.)
Writing trash;  it’s why I give ample time to scrutinize my work.
Not being able to communicate to the audience.
8. Do you think writing is something people are born with or something that is learned?
I think writing is a calling… You don’t just wake up and choose to write,  writing chooses us.  However, there’s room for development and improvement. The more you write, the better you become. However, writing may be learned and cultivated as well.
9. What’s your advice for writers that have the passion to write but are scared of showcasing themselves especially on social media?
Yea I know a couple of them as well.  Put truth it’s a wrong orientation.  Writing is a gift. You shouldn’t hoard it. Express yourself.  You just could inspire someone or touch someone or solve a problem.  Like I once saw one of Faith Moyosore’s pieces that applied to me. It’s a literary crime not to write.  Don’t be scared, stop hiding,  come out from your shells. Express yourself.  This is who you are.
10. You recorded an audio and video piece with Mixsie as your prize for winning the June prompt, what was the experience like?
Okay in summary at Mixsie Studios I was home ” ’cause home they say is a feeling and not a place (Ezekwesiri) “
The CEO was concerned about my welfare and my well-being … She was all love… She saw the project like hers
She’s talented also (sings, plays the guitar and piano) How does that apply?  – I was humbled,  I met people,  learnt new stuff (I grew)
Mixsie studio was the expression of Love, bliss and fun Justs like her name- @mixsiefunbooks… Summarily it has that Ecstatic, rhapsodic effect… Special thanks to the CEO @Mrs Ejiro Osakedi @Mr Osakedi @teychaplain @Chaeggon @Keshe @Purpose @Grandma ….❤ Mixsiestudios
10. Thank you for your time
It was worth it and thanks, @Africanwriters… I saw the post by 7 pm (that is the first challenge on June AWNC prompt), I just dared dare ❤✌🏽✊🏽👊🏽🙏🏽👍🏼