1. Can you please describe Pietrina in a few words?

Pietrina the word means fiery little stone… sort of Italian feminine for Peter… Pietrina the person well she is a Christian, budding writer, funny almost sarcastic individual who loves food.
2. What was the single defining moment that made you call yourself a writer?
Tbh, I think that moment is recurrent for me… I think it’s every single time someone takes a moment to read any of my pieces.
3. We noticed you also do Spoken word and you’re the co-host for Outspoken, what inspired you to perform poetry?
Well, most of the inspiration came from the need to do more with my writing. Sometimes you write and you feel like it would have more life if it’s read out loud. Fortunately, I met with the creative director of Revolving Art Incubator Jumoke Sanwo and she gave me the first platform and opportunity to do Spoken word.
4. What is your favourite thing about spoken word poetry?
LOL… this is funny, my kind of spoken word and even my writing is something I like to call relatable, so for me, it is the ability to carry people along with few words and see their faces light up when they understand what you are saying.
5.Why did you join the June Prompts AWNC and what was your experience like during the challenge?
Well I like challenges and the 50-word limit made it more attractive… it was an interesting and challenging experience…there were days when the topics were very…abstract and I was almost clueless.
6. Did you expect to win?
Actually no I didn’t…I was more interested in completing the challenge.
7. How did winning feel like?
I literally had my mouth open for like 10 seconds when I saw the video.
Shocked was an understatement.
8. What do you advice other writers who have a dream to share their works to the world but are scared of coming out?
Just do it…the first step is always the hardest…after that the world is pretty much waiting for you.
9. Where do you see your writing career in the next ten years?
Well hopefully I would have published works and maybe I ‘ll stop calling myself a “budding writer” at that point.
10. What is your biggest fear as a writer?
Getting to a point where entertainment is more important than passing a message.
11. Really enjoyed your interview.
Really enjoyed answering.