Take a minute to read the poem which earned him a winning spot.
The African Writers: Tell us, who is the person behind the name?
Teslim: I am Teslim Opemipo Omipidan, a Nigerian writer, poet and journalist currently studying mass communication in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba-Akoko, Ondo State. I am also the founder of oldnaija.com, Nigeria’s leading history and culture blog.
The African Writers: Out of the top 10 writers shortlisted, you emerged as the 2nd runner-up, how do you feel?
Teslim: I feel happy to have been among the top three winners out of over 300 contestants. I feel blessed too.
The African Writers: Why do you write?
Teslim: I write to express myself, promote and preserve things I cherish and believe in of which Nigerian culture and indigenous languages are among.
The African Writers: Who or what has greatly influenced your writing so far?
Teslim: The Nigerian society and traditions have been influencing my works in great ways. Niyi Osundare too.
The African Writers: Your interpretation of the given title had an unmistakable uniqueness to it, what inspired it?
Teslim: Dead lions don’t roar! I interpreted this in accordance to a Yoruba adage that says ‘fighting and retreating is an act of bravery’ which is true because only a living warrior will fight another battle, dead ones won’t.
The African Writers: Do you think writing is inbuilt or cultivated?
Teslim:  I think it is both inbuilt and cultivated. The latter however takes a higher percentage based on writers that I have met.
The African Writers: Are you a fan of spoken word/performance poetry?
Teslim: Spoken words is cool but I’m not really a fan.
TheAfrican Writers: Do you have any published work (s)?
Teslim: No, I don’t.
The African Writers: How soon should we be on the lookout for your published works?
Teslim: Very soon. Maybe next year.
The African Writers:  What advice would you give to writers who aren’t confident about their art?
Teslim: To writers who aren’t confident of their art, listen, renowned writers started out like streams, they pushed their ways forward till they became rivers and then, oceans. So, keep reading, keep writing and keep daring.
Alright, that’s it from Teslim Omipidan. Watch out for his book guys.😉
 Keep shining!