We had a mini-challenge some weeks back which involved the participants writing an 8-word story using the word home. We had over 500 entries who explored several themes. Some violent, some hilarious and some like hers deeply emotional. She emerged as the winner with her story:


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1. Who is Nomzy Pearl and how did you come about this name?
My real name is Amajor Onome, so I guess it’s something that has been before I was. Basically, anyone bearing Onome automatically goes by the name Nomey, Onomzy, Onos and that’s how my friends started calling me Onomzy. It didn’t sound tush to me though but I loved it and when I needed a brand name I wanted to use Onome, which would make it my own brand. After settling on that, I wanted something that was gonna identify with others too, I went through the dictionary and came across pearl which means a precious gem. Then, the name flashed – Onomzy pearl. It still didn’t sound tush to me so I tried removing the letter “O” and it became Nomzy Pearl – my own is precious. I loved it and everyone did too so that’s how I started bearing the name Nomzy Pearl and till now my friends prefer Nomzy Pearl to Onome. And yes Nomzy Pearl is a short shy girl with tall bold plans.
2. How long have you been writing?
I can’t be specific about how long I have been writing but I know I started in secondary school. I loved literature, poetry was my life, when the class was noisy I wrote a poem about it, when the class was quiet I wrote a poem about it. I just know I have been writing.
3. What was the defining moment or experience that made you want to do this as a career?
I am a shy person, I hardly look at anyone eye to eye when talking. I felt I could communicate through writing, I felt if people read my write-up they would know I wasn’t proud, wasn’t rude, or wasn’t whatever they said I am. I just wanted people to see my personality and my moments through writing
4. Have you undertaken any formal or informal writing trainings before?
No, I haven’t cause I have never thought to take writing as a career.
5. How long have you been following The African Writers and what made you participate?
I have been following the African writers for over 3 months, I sincerely have no reason why I participated. Over 400 comments in 30mins and I just felt okay let’s make it 401.
6. What inspired your piece? Tell us about the process it took to write it.
“Mum had home with kids who weren’t us.” Whatever I wrote I wanted to use mum, I have a mum and a home that makes me cherish my home so much, but whatever I was going to write about “home”, I felt if I didn’t use mum the story wasn’t complete, cause to me, wherever mum is, it’s home. And then this came to my mind  “dad’s dying word, find mum, find home” but it wasn’t up to eight letters, “my Knight never returned home for a night” this was the second thought but it told no tale. I wanted to use mum by all means and this flashed “mum had home, with kids who weren’t us” I said it out loud and I just knew it was it, it was this point I was trying to make. And that’s how it’s been all these years sometimes I don’t wanna write. But I sit and words come, sometimes my own words amaze me am like where did that come from.
7. Did you think you would win?
No, never, I didn’t think I will win. But when mine was among the top 15 I started wanting to win
8. How did winning feel like?
Amazing, I didn’t believe it. I was in church when I saw it. I told my self “stepping stone 101, just the beginning” Winning this felt like a huge throw to where I want to be and I’m grateful.
9. What’s next for you as a writer? Any new projects or plans?
Yeah, I plan to tell a tale of the profession (I am going to work with a photographer, a customer and dress like different people in their professions and tell a tale about them)
And I also plan to give a tribute to strong women,  I am gonna dress like them in a modern way and give a recount about their journey and how they changed  the world
10. Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
In ten  years to come I see myself as an amazing media/OAP personality hosting my own show to inspire and motivate people, teaching people to love their lower self,I am gonna be a voice in and out of Nigeria, also an author of an award-winning book which tells my tale of little beginning and how I got here. I just know God has a lot in store for me and I am willing to go where he takes me and this is one of the proves of my greatness.
11. What will you advice young writers scared of sharing their works with the world?
Nothing less, everything more. That has always been my advice to my self. Fear limits you, fear stops you, so step out of that dark fear and walk into the light with your writing, and if you fall seven times rise up 8 cause only those who raise their head to fight live to see the win. I’ll be cheering always for them always!
And I would wanna say this to everyone “you are amazing and the world is still so Beautiful because you are in it”
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