The African Writers Top 50 Entries

The African Writers (@africanwriters) in partnership with Tolu A. Akinyemi(@tolutoludo), a seasoned poet and writer, brought to The African Writers community a challenge called “The Ultimate April Challenge”. It is part of our numerous projects dedicated to helping writers grow while exploring unconventional and interactive means. Our partner, Tolu A Akinyemi, sponsored this project due to his desire to see young African authors grow and his support in this project is much appreciated.

The winner will get the sum of N25,000, the 1st runner-up will get N15,000 and 2nd runner-up N7,500. Due to the large number of entries, we decided to extend the reward to the remaining seven writers in the top ten shortlist with 5,000 Naira consolation prize.

This challenge was based on the widely acclaimed book “Dead Lions Don’t Roar” by Tolu A. Akinyemi. Writers were instructed to write a poem of not more than 15 lines on the book’s title. We stated clearly that the poems should be independent of the book’s content.

We received well over 350 entries and after a rigorous screening process, a top 50 long list emerged. We noticed that a lot of the poems focused on domestic violence, rape and life in the animal kingdom. This isn’t surprising as some of these are issues that currently affect society.

The entries were judged based on creativity, originality, uniqueness, use of words, word flow, clarity of message, communication of idea and ability to evoke emotion. All entries were great and coming up with this list involved a lot of shortlisting and debate.

Here are the writers whose entries made the top 50 List:

  1. @olivi_bae
  2. @derricktopaz
  3. @ken_oime
  4. @ogenna_writes
  5. @_.clare_
  6. @ladyejoyonovae
  7. @3cho.jpeg
  8. @zizywrites
  9. @anesiigebu
  10. @i_theeagle
  11. @duchess1387
  12. @bae_sue_1
  13. @marachi_ibeh
  14. @nusaybaho
  15. @queensheba_giftsofnature
  16. @mikilowest
  17. @paebiig
  18. @hhamidaha
  19. @wander.light
  20. @soulsmith_
  21. @omotayo.babalola
  22. @sybilsaber
  23. @poemhunter1
  24. @officialbiola
  25. @9josky
  26. @aphroxsage___
  27. @poetdinma
  28. @resa_wrights
  29. @lervneie
  30. @ofure__
  31. @adnils.corner
  32. @kcytemple
  33. @apach3_
  34. @debbykeys
  35. @williamsprecious.j
  36. @ossymbagwu
  37. @dhaureyzukaonu
  38. @emeralds_heart
  39. @teslim_omipidan
  40. @poetic_license
  41. @akolawole105
  42. @hadieeyyy
  43. @ofrevivian
  44. @nonymation
  45. @dare_adeola
  46. @julianah_ah
  47. @_fehin.silva
  48. @horeoluwwah
  49. @ruth_adewole
  50. @ikimisere

Congratulations to everyone who took a step to participate and congratulations to the writers that made it to the Top 50. The competition only gets tighter from here. The top ten is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, June 5th, 2018 by 12 pm.