1.Who is The Gift?

The Gift better describes herself as an artistic performer that journeys through spoken word poetry, dance and acting. She is also an entrepreneur.
2. At what point did you discover your artistic tendencies?
It all started at age four with dance and I could certainly talk for hours and days. I was always dramatic with different characters I would transform into.
3. Nice. So what led you into writing and performance poetry?
For hope, and truth sake.
4. Hmm, you felt poetry would be a source of hope for yourself and a medium to share your truth?
It’s beyond myself, it’s to the world.
5. What has been your best moment as an artist?
The moment when my art elevates the mind and causes it to think. The moment my work goes through critics.
6. Do you think Writing can be done full time without any other source of income?
7.What do you say to writers that don’t share this view?
They should rethink properly and fully evaluate the opportunities that exist and grasp them. They should study successful writers also.
8.How did you feel coming first runner-up in the spoken word category in the June Prompts?
I didn’t see it coming because I was ill most of the times. But it was good and I felt I surpassed my own expectations.
9. What was the inspiration behind the “why I write piece” you recorded with Mixsie Audio Books as a prize for winning?
I believe if the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable. I wrote that piece to remind myself first about the very force that propels me to pick up a pen and write every day. I wanted to announce to the world what fuels my drive, passion and convictions.
10. What is your advice for upcoming writers, who are stuck in a closet and scared of coming out and sharing their work online?
Nobody excels in obscurity. Growth is learning from mistakes and following through in the process of things. And you truly become a writer when the world gets a hold of your words.
11. What is your writing kryptonite?
Too many words rushing through your head at a time, the inability to hold them all, until written down.
12. How have you been tackling this?
As I think, I write. And summarise all the thoughts into patches so I can develop it later.
13. Where do you see your self in the next ten years?
Doing World Tour, giving back to society, grooming others and helping them believe in themselves and creating platform form them to succeed.