We are glad to be among the participating media brands in the amazing and highly innovative Bagus organized virtual book tour with the eclectic writer Tolu Akinyemi.

Mr Akinyemi is one writer whom we have worked with passionately in the past and we are glad to be part of his inspiring journey to the top.

We had a quick and insightful chat with him. Do enjoy.

1. Tell us about the Tolu Akinyemi that isn’t a writer?

When I am not writing I am either working to ensure we have a crime free financial system in my daily work role working for a Global Investment Bank or attending to my young family. I have a son who interestingly wants to be an Author like his Dad when he grows up and my daughter is all shades of amazing. I find time to read with the kids, recite their bedtime stories and find time to be a kid over again by just being around them.

2. What were the events that led you into writing?
I remember in my teenage years, I used to read a lot. I read so many history books, I also had a passion for writing current affairs which included events that happened in Nigeria and in the global economy. I remember writing a movie script in my teenage years, Looking back now this was a very wonderful achievement, however I lost the script at some point. I guess the art of reading led me to Finding my passion of being a writer.
3. You clearly have a deep passion for writing, and it seems to be your foremost career passion. What makes you elevate writing among all your other skills and professions?
Apart from writing I have a day job working within the Financial Crime Compliance Unit of a Global Investment Bank. However, I love to write as it is the place where I am able to unwind and find solace. I also write because I can use my words as a catalyst to influence people positively.
4. Dead Lions Don’t Roar is a powerful title, what was the inspiration behind this?
The inspiration behind Dead Lions Don’t Roar is that we all have a unique roar, and voice. And I hope that it will encourage people to go for their dreams and find their own roar in whatever thing they commit to do.5. Tell us about the process it took from conceiving the idea for the book to writing and eventually publishing and marketing it?The process was initially cumbersome as writing Dead Lions Don’t Roar was much straightforward. However, as It was my first book at the time, and as a newbie to the World of publishing, I had some challenges which I was able to overcome through the support of friends who have been through the path before. Every new day brings a fresh opportunity to keep marketing the books and that is the only part of the Author journey that is continuous as well as writing new titles.
6. Which do you think is better self publishing or traditional publishing and why?
If you want to be in control, then I would say self publishing is the best. And there are so many self-published books that are doing really well in the market place. Also, the quality of self published books have really been on the up and it’s really hard to tell these days, the difference between books from traditional publishers and self publishers. All my books are self published, so I can speak more on the benefits of self publishing. 
7. Your book has been consistently garnering readership, tell us about the things you did that have helped you accelerate your journey?
I believe the decision to work with a PR agent from the start really helped me to gain a foothold in terms of connecting with the local community and generating interest in my books. I have also done a lot of unusual things most Authors would not really do, like selling my books at the Tynemouth market and engaging with potential readers on the shop floor. This has really helped me to gain new readership and attract interest in my books.
8. Which is your favorite poem in Dead Lions Don’t Roar and why?
I would say the poem title “Dead Lions Don’t Roar” as it carries a message worth its weight in Gold. It encourages people to find their unique roar when we still have all of the energy available to make a difference.
9. Your second book, Unravel Your Hidden Gems is a totally different genre from your first, why did you opt for that form instead of poetry?
Publishing unravel your Hidden Gems after Dead Lions Don’t Roar was a decision I made as I could have easily published any of the two books first as they were both nearing completion. I write prose as well as poetry and in Unravel your Hidden Gems, I wrote a book that people can relate to, the essays touch on the totality of our life journey be it private life, business, religion, relationships, and career, each part of life is discovered.
10. Would you be willing to explore other literary genres in the years to come?I have plans to explore other literary genres, I am currently writing a children’s book which will be published next year and a full length fictional novel in 2020. I am excited about those challenges as I always love the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone.
11. What should we expect from you in the next few years?
My fourth book and Third poetry collection “Dead Cats Don’t Meow” is scheduled to be published in April 2019. After which I will delve into the Other genres I talked about.
12. If you had to come back to earth and writing was prohibited what else would you be this passionate about?
If writing was prohibited I will be a motivational speaker and a salesman. I am passionate about selling, it’s a gift that I have and being an Author, it has helped me to get my books to the hands of the people that need them. And getting people motivated is part of my life’s purpose.
13. Any additional advice?
I love the great work, The African writers is doing within the literary space. Engaging both aspiring writers and published Authors to keep the fire of creativity alive. Keep up the great work, I am proud of the work your team is doing within the literary space.
Thank you Tolu, it was a great pleasure to interview you!
Tolu Akinyemi has been very supportive to The African Writers brand and we wish him success in all his future endeavors!