tene edwards walk with wings

“As an Introvert, a notepad became my therapist and I found peace in writing down my thoughts.”

To let you in on a secret that not many people know about, I actually began to post my words on an anonymous account which I named quotepotion. I didn’t want anyone close to me to know that I was doing this, because I thought that they would just think that I was silly or weird. To begin with this account was merely just a thought journal.

As a very closed and introverted person, I created this platform to document my thoughts and feelings during a very difficult time in my life when I was feeling very confused and alone from heartbreak. I was massively insecure and was also lost in my career path. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, where this was going to lead me or how big this was going to grow.

It didn’t occur to me that I was building a community at the time but with every comment, DM and like that is exactly what I was doing. It was only until I received an email from somebody saying ‘I’ve given them motivation not to give up’ did I really understand what I was doing and decide to write and post more. It felt so rewarding hearing those words I just couldn’t help but start to take my writing seriously and it was then that I began to post under my name and remain consistent with it.

Becoming an author was never in the plan, but after realizing the healing effect writing had on me, I grew the hunger to collate the notes I had written into a book for the world. I changed quotepotion to novelunderconsutruction then changed novelunderconstruction to walkwithwingsbook.

In 2018 I went from self-publishing to getting picked up by The Good Quote who republished Walk With Wings on July 1st2018. I am just an ordinary girl, I live in a small town. I had no connections with publishers, writers or anyone in the field whatsoever, as a naturally caring person I just had this idea of writing a book to help people.

My inspiration comes from my own life experiences, everything I write about I have lived or told myself. Finding my words reposted by celebrities including Khloe Kardashian, Dascha Polanco, Kandi Burruss and actors I grew up watching such as Wesley Snipes is beyond me.

Walk With Wings has reached the hands of thousands of people from all around the world and in countries I have never even heard of. This writing journey has not been easy, but it has always been worth it. Knowing that my words are changing lives fills my heart with so much joy and I am just so excited to create more self-love art for the world.