I started writing out of loneliness, boredom, I am not sure which word to use, maybe it’s both, maybe I was lonely and bored. You see, my mummy was transferred to another state while I was in high school, my siblings were in the university, I was always home alone, from Mondays to Fridays, NEPA wasn’t always kind, our generator didn’t always work, I didn’t have a smart phone, I had a lot of friends on my street but I was ultimately a loner, I liked to be alone, I still do.
I had this book back then, I’d write different things inside it, I’d complain about the government, I’d write sweet things about my mummy, I’d write about how Tope’s mum was always beating up Tope’s dad, I’d write about every crazy thing happening in my crazy area, I’d write about Aderonke, my girlfriend, her mum hated me. I wasn’t sure why, I was such a beautiful baby boy, I guess that was the problem, that’s always the problem with fine boys, everybody thinks we are bad boys.
I wrote a lot of things, about a lot of people, and I enjoyed it, I felt good writing, I feel good writing. I love the power that comes with creating stories, telling stories, I love everything that came with writing, I always will. I never showed anyone this book, never showed anyone my writing, it was my secret, and I was my own reader, I was my only fan.
When I got into the University, I had lost my precious writing book, I had lost all my stories, I had lost everything that made me feel like a writer, and sadly, I lost the zeal too.
When I graduated from the University, I had the urge to relive my school life, so I started a blog – AA’S DIARY. I wrote about my experiences back in school, my ‘sexcapades’, my love life, my low points and my high points, AA’S Diary made me fall in love all over again with my first love; writing. This was the first time I wrote for people to read, I was finally showing people my art, and I was accepted, and it felt good, I felt good, and since then I haven’t stopped writing.
I stopped writing AA’s Diary, came on IG and started writing a new series – Letters To Her. Then I went on and on writing different interesting series, writing my own kind of poems, my own kind of prose, I ignored all the rules of writing and I wrote with absolute freedom. My audience grew, kept growing, and I kept falling in love over and over again with writing. Then one day, I had one crazy idea, I decided to write a book, and I wrote it, I wrote my story, titled it Catharsis, and I was painfully honest with it, and I self published, and I sold many copies.
I was finally a published writer, and I wanted more, I want more, I have two books, working on the third and fourth, writing has become a huge part of me, these days I write about everything, politics, sports, I write my opinions on every trending issue on major blogs, I write movie reviews, song reviews, I keep writing, reading, and writing, my own style, and my own rules.
Today, because of writing, I am an editor, a scriptwriter, a PR expert, a talent manager, and a songwriter (I like to I can write songs).
I have many dreams, I have achieved very few, I have many plans, executing these plans will take a lot, but I am hungry, hopeful, ready, I am ready for the challenges ahead, today is not the day we stop fighting.
My name is Abiola AA, and this is my writing journey.