Faceless - Episode 11

Sylvia Omolade Otunba had just arrived at her destination an hour after she left both Kunle and Kike immediately after lunch. She had to quickly go and freshen up, rush for her next appointment with her client. Before she got out of the car, she put on a red lipstick, with her dark shades and carried her work kit and headed straight for the reception.

“Hi, good day. I’ve got a package for Mr B.”, she said to the receptionist.

“Hello. Okay, is he expecting you?”, the receptionist asked.

“Yeah, he is. Tell him Vee is around.”, she said and waited for the receptionist to make the call.

” Room 306. Enter through the elevator, third room by your right.”, the receptionist said.

She thanked her and proceeded to follow the directions given to her. When she got to the door of the room, she breathed in and out, then knocked on the door.

“Hey pretty”, the man said as soon as he opened the door and his eyes widening as he assessed her from head to toe.

“Damn!! Laura told me you were hot but she definitely downplayed your hotness.”

She just rolled her eyes and asked with a straight face, “Can I come in?”

“Oh! Oh!! Sorry, my bad. Yea sure, come in. “, he said as he backed up for her to enter.

“So darling, what will you like to drink? Red wine…”

“… I don’t drink on the job.”, she cut in.

“Oh. Okay, so…”

While removing her glasses and putting her kit on the table, she said, “Laura told me you requested for the medium package. Right?”

“Yes, I did”, he answered as he came closer to her and attempted to touch her.

” Not so fast hun, payment .”, she said

On hearing this, he laughed, went for his briefcase and handed her a brown envelope.

” Happy now?”

She counted it with her eyes then, she smiled.

“Good boy!”

*** ****

Nima couldn’t stop laughing after I told her what happened earlier at work, though I carefully excluded the phone call with my dad. What I didn’t even understand is why she was laughing because it wasn’t even funny to me.

“You’re the one paying the bill. That’s what you get for laughing.”, I said as soon as the waiter brought the bill slip.

“Fine fine. But you’re the one with the new job. You’re meant to wash it for me. This is not fair.”, she said as she brought out her card so that she could use the POS.

” Yen..Yen..Yen.., just pay. Aren’t you Nima Duke? You’re capable please.”

“Oh, so you’re just using me, right? This whole friendship isn’t real. ”

I laughed and said, “Please shut up and swipe so we can join heads and fix my problem.”

“What problem?”, Nima asked as she handed over her card to the waiter.

“My Kunle problem.”, I said impatiently.

“Oh? It’s not a big deal just tell him the truth babe, I don’t even get why you lied to him. That’s why I’ve been laughing.”

Then she punched in four numbers on the POS and handed it back to him.

“Do you like this guy? Because the normal Ini that I know would have just curved him upfront and walked away. So I don’t understand again.”, she continued.

“Like? You know my stance on men. I just didn’t want to be rude cause he’s my….”

“… don’t even say the boss word because honey I know you, you’re no respecter of persons.”, Sylvia said as she collected her card and put it in her purse.

I didn’t even know what to say anymore because as I was thinking about earlier today, I just felt my lie was totally unnecessary.

“Let’s go”, Nima said bringing me back to reality.

” Did you have to scream though?”,Ii said as I stood up from the chair.

“I called you two times already, I figured you were deep in thoughts. So I had to choose between screaming and leaving you here. You’re ungrateful o, I’d have just left you.”

“You wouldn’t even dare.”, I said.

30 minutes later,

I had just arrived at the company, only for me to enter the elevator and boom, my boss and Sophie’s friend entered too. Ugh really? I just plugged in my earphones and was listening to Sam Smith to soothe my nerves although I could feel Kunle’s eyes all over me.

I heaved a euphoric sigh of relief when the elevator door opened, freedom at least.

You might think I’m being dramatic but being in a confined space with Kunle and his “alleged” fiancée was enough torture please. Trust me.

I headed straight for the office and proceeded to start my work, I could hear “Sophie’s friend” laughing away at whatever Kunle said. Pretty sure it wasn’t even funny but what’s my own?

I was busy typing on the laptop but I could perceive his scent and I knew he was hovering around me, even before he spoke.

“How was lunch, Iniobong ?” Kunle asked.

“It was fine, sir”, I said without even looking up from the desktop.

“Sir? Again with that? Aren’t we on a first name basis already?”

“Okay, Kunle”, I replied. I didn’t even want to stress it, I just wanted him out of my hair.

“So…”, Kunle was about to keep talking when Kikelomo finally cleared her throat to make it known that she was still waiting for him.

“Kike, you’re still here? You didn’t find your charger in my office??”

“Charger? … oh yes I did. ”

I rolled my eyes and looked at her straight in the eyes, cause we both know that she didn’t leave anything behind.


I waited patiently for her to leave so that I could confess my sins to Kunle, I couldn’t hold it in anymore. So when she left and he was in his office, I knocked on his door, after taking several breaths.

“Yeah, come in.”, Kunle said

“Hi Kunle, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a second.”, I said, as soon as I walked in.

“Sure beautiful, sit. ”

“My name is Iniobong.”, I said with a straight face.

“Okay beautiful”

I rolled my eyes and continued, “Anyway, about the dinner. My boyfriend and I can’t make it. ”

” I already tol…..”

“….We can’t make it, cause there’s no boyfriend”, I cut in.

“Oh, so honesty isn’t one of your qualities.”, Kunle teased.

“Of course it is…..”

“…. Calm down, I know. I was teasing. So no boyfriend. My luck then so I’d be expecting you.”

“Haha, No you won’t. I’m not interested in having any relationship outside the office with you or anyone in this company.”

“Relationship? Slow your ropes honey. It’s just dinner”

“… and I’m not hungry. So what’s the point?”

“Then watch me eat. ”

” you don’t give up, do you?”

” I will come and get you by 9pm.”

“Come to?”

“Your house of course.”

“You know where I live?”, I asked, then it hit me that I wrote my residential address in the form I filled earlier today. So I quickly added, ” don’t answer that. I will be wearing my night gown and my hair bonnet tonight, so don’t even come to my house to bother me.”

” No problem, I’d still come and get you. If you want to wear your night dress to dinner, fine by me”, Kunle replied grinning.

“Oh, okay. Let’s see.”, I said standing up from the chair and heading for the door.

**** *****

Nima was not having the best evening, she was on her way to the spa when her car started misbehaving and jerking. Now, it’s not even coming on. There was no mechanic in sight and her annoying mechanic claimed to be on his way since fourty five minutes ago. So, she was standing on the road in her romper, looking for a Good Samaritan because she was stressed af. She was still trying to call the mechanic, when a car passed her then it reversed till it was right in front of her. She was hoping it’d even be a mechanic or at least, someone good with cars but when she saw the driver, she turned white.

” You’re back?!!”, Nima asked

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