Faceless - Episode 11

Omoti Johnson, the daughter of Abigail Johnson was driving home after a long day of errands when she saw a familiar human standing by the road looking frustrated. She had to blink twice to make sure that she wasn’t seeing things before she finally parked her car, got down and walked towards the person. She couldn’t believe her eyes, it was actually her, Nima Duke, in flesh. Just seeing her after all this while made her legs shake, but she kept on walking till she got to her.

“You’re back?”, Nima asked looking more shocked than happy.

Omoti noticed but brushed it off because she was too excited to even have any negative thoughts, so she smiled ” Oh my God, I actually thought I was dreaming when I saw you.”

“Dreaming? How? We both know I never left Lagos. Unlike you.”, Nima said.

“True!! Lagos girl! Come here”, she said as she pulled Nima into a hug, holding her and stroking her back as they hugged until Nima finally pulled away.

Nima cleared her throat and said, ” So, when did you get back? ”

“Couple of days ago”, she replied and quickly added, ” Why are you on the road? Problem with the car? ”

” Well yeah, it has refused to start and I called my mechanic about an hour ago and he still hasn’t shown up. Nigerians are late to everything, what the hell?!!”, Nima answered looking so frustrated

“Well, I have a mechanic who’s like two mins from here. I can call him for you if you don’t mind.”, she said as she brought out her phone.

“Really Omoti? I don’t mind at all. Just call him, let me get out of here because all this waiting has made me super hungry.”, Nima replied

“Oh really? I’m hungry too, let’s go have dinner then and catch up on old times.”, she said.

” Uhm… I guess so. ”

Forty-five minutes later,

They were both seated in Sugarcane Restaurant at Victoria island, glancing at the menu so they could place their orders. Nima was the first to signal to the waiter.

“I’d like your err..”, Nima flipped to a page on the menu and continued,”.. your Louisiana Chicken Pasta with Greek Salad and a Mojito please.”

When Nima was done, Omoti jumped right in and ordered exactly the same thing Nima did.

“So Nima, what have you been up to?”, she asked immediately the waiter left.

” Well, not much. I moved in with my bestie and I’m working on promoting my brand. I can’t really throw more light into it cause it’s in the early stage so I’d let you know as we progress. What about you ?”

” Well, money moves. You know I have a masters in psychology now. So, I need to get my dream job. That’s all.”, she said as she assessed Nima from head to toe with lust in her eyes. Then added, “Nima, honestly, can we skip this small talk to the point where I give you multiple orgasms at the backseat of the car. ” wetting her lips with her tongue as she spoke in a low seductive voice.

Nima shifted uncomfortably in her seat, and said ” Jesus! Omoti !! You have no filter, someone can hear you….”

“… I don’t care. My panties are soaked just by looking at you.”, she said as she placed her hand on Nima’s hand.

Nima removed her hand and said,” Omoti, stop, please. I like someone and he sure as hell is a man.”

Omoti was taken aback. “Oh? Okay, I can share you, for now, I don’t ….”

“No. No!! Don’t you get? I’m not the girl from two or three years ago, that was crazy about you.”

” What are you saying Nima? Sex with you was amazing, you knew all my weak spots. You weren’t a piece of meat, we were in a fucking relationship.”

“Yeah, till you left me alone in Nigeria.”

“I had to go study, so I could come back and give you a ….”

” don’t Omoti, I’m done with the relationship. I’ve moved on. Can you accept that or do I have to leave ?”

At that moment, the waiter arrived with their orders and set them on the table.

” it’s fine Nima, let’s eat. ”

*** ***

After work, I headed straight home. My whole body was crying for a good massage and a glass of red wine but I knew I couldn’t get any, at least, not tonight. I sure as hell was not in the mood to go wine shopping, so I just kept on driving till I got home. As I stepped into the sitting room, I could hear the clicking sound of my heels as it hit the floor meaning Nima wasn’t back from her dinner yet. Sigh

I’m alone.

I literally crawled into my walk-in closet, picked two different outfits; my pyjamas and my burgundy dress with a low back. I had decided on my way home that I’d let my mood after I shower to determine if I’d stay at home with Telemundo and my face in an ice cream bowl or If I’d dress up and look pretty and go out with Kunle.

Reaching for my speaker, I turned it on and immediately connected my phone to it allowing Sam Smith’s voice fill my bathroom as I showered. As the cold water caressed my body, I cried for my aunt and her husband who passed away. Cried for the incident that led to the birth of Junior, I just kept weeping till I was weak and I had no tear to drop. Then, I had a proper shower and got out.

As I got to my room, It was thirty minutes past 9 so I quickly checked my phone for messages from Kunle.


Ugh. He finally got the memo that I didn’t want to have dinner, although a tiny bit of me was disappointed that he gave up easily I shrugged it off, wore my pyjamas and hair bonnet and headed for the kitchen but not before I turned off the speaker in my room and grabbed my phone.

When I got to the kitchen, I felt super lazy to start cooking anything so I quickly sent Nima a text to get me food on her way home.

I grabbed the bowl of ice cream from the freezer and went straight to the TV. It’s Telemundo time!! I had already missed fifteen minutes of my show but I didn’t even care. I was still engrossed in my soap opera when I heard my bell ring, followed by a knock on the door. Did Nima forget her key again? I shook my head and got up to open the door and tell her for the hundredth time how careless she was.

“Nima, honestly you need to start ….”, I said as I opened the door only to find out that it wasn’t even Nima.

” …close your mouth babe, you don’t look cute right now.”, Kunle said.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”, I said as I tried to regain my sanity and not think about how he looks perfect when he’s casually dressed or how he looks like he just got a fresh cut. ” Kunle? How the hell did you even pass security? Cause I’m sure I didn’t even call to let you in.”

“I’m Adekunle Fernandez Otunba darling, and I have a friend who stays in this estate but That’s not even my problem right now, my problem is how do you look so sexy in everything? Including pyjamas? My God!!”, he said as his gaze swept through my body.

Heat formed in my insides when he said that but I refused to let it get to me so I quickly said, “Ugh. Shut up. Thanks for stopping by, you may leave now. “. Then I proceeded to close the door but I was stopped by Kunle’s shoe.

“Kunle, what’s your problem? I already made it clear to you that I’m not going to dinner with you, I’m not even hungry.”, Just as I said that my stomach growled to disagree with me on my claims of not being hungry.

“You’re starving beautiful, and I was starving as well but seeing you alone has filled me a little…”

“… see, just….”

“Let me finish beautifully. I figured you’d be stubborn and refuse to have dinner with me. So I took it upon myself and brought the dinner to you.”, As he said this, he walked towards the elevator in the apartment building and I expected him to come back with nylons of food but what I saw shook me.

He came back with a Chef who was holding food supplies and kitchen utensils and what not. And before I could even protest, they were both in my apartment.

Kunle is so extra, omg, I thought to myself as I closed the door. Is it weird that I find all this really cute?

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Tracy Gabriel started writing at a young age of 8. She finally came out with a bang last year with a book titled Elizabeth Peters- Through her eyes. This 19-year-old is definitely not stopping, so you’re going to be seeing her face for a long time. Stay woke. Follow her on Instagram @tracygabriiel, Snapchat: Kaayla.Gabriel and Twitter: @itzkaayla_