Faceless - Episode 11
God is Good Hospital.
Adekunle Fernandez Otunba, was far from upset by the slap the strange lady he bumped into gave him. In fact, he was quite amused by her audacity and definitely shook by her beauty. What amazed him was how a lady would look so messy but yet ravishing. Talk about Impossible right? He kept staring at her, most especially her lips, and on how they curved while she spoke. He was brought back to reality when she frowned.
“Did you say something?”, Kunle asked
“Yes. Get out of my way mister, or do you want another slap?”, the strange lady responded.
He chuckled.
“Something is funny?”, the strange lady asked.
“Nope, nope.”, Kunle said and moved to the side but held her hand when she was beside him and said, ” I’m Kunle Otunba, pretty sure you know who I am. Anyway, we should definitely hang out.”
He was taken aback, when the strange lady burst into laughter just right before she said. ” When you learn to zip your trousers up when you’re done using the bathroom, then maybe you can talk to me. ” and with that she walked away leaving him astonished.
I finally breathed a sigh of relief when I got into the elevator. That man’s gaze was nauseating and the last thing I wanted was to feel helpless just cause a male specie was looking at me. Men are all scum; that has been my logo for the past five years and that’s how it’ll now continue to be, I thought as I stood in front of the doctors office. Before I could knock, the door was opened and out came Nima full of smiles looking hale and hearty.
I was lost, trust me.
“Nima?”, I had to ask just incase my eyes were playing  pranks on me. “Hey Ini, wow. That was fast, did you run here? “, Nima asked, then her eyes went to the overnight bag I brought. ” Yes, you brought it. Please can you open it and bring out the cotton wool ?”.
“Wait. Wait. Did I come all the way here to bring you just cotton wool? I don’t understand. You don’t have malaria?..” she shook her head. I continued, “…Cough?”, she shook her head again. “Typhoid? “, she shook her head. “Then please make me understand why you’re here.”
“Oh? I cut myself while trying to carve my brows. There was blood Ini, so I rushed here.”
“Wait, what ? Are you kidding me right now? Ever heard of first aid kit?”
” Why are you so upset? You know how I ….”
“Come here…”, I said and dragged her away from the doctors office ,”it’s because of That doctor yeah? Doctor Micheal? That’s why you’re doing like a dunce init?”
“I…I don’t ….I don’t understand what you’re saying…”
“Sureee. Liar. I know you but no you won’t disgrace me. We are going.”, I grabbed her hands and went straight for the elevator.
In the elevator.
“Why are you mad? Surely it has nothing to do with my crush on the Dr.? So tell me, why are you upset?”, Nima asked.
“Its nothing Nima, I’m fine. “, I said almost immediately. I didn’t want to tell her about how I curved a man downstairs and how I can’t get our little encounter off my head.
“Okay. But, come to think of it. Why do you look like this…”, she said whole sizing me from head to toe.
“Look like what?”, I asked
“This, why the hell did you leave the house like this? Wait, is that not even coffee stain? Iniobong,  you need to take your appearance seriously.  I mean you’re a ………”
I let her rant, because trust me when she starts, she won’t stop till she has said all she wants to. So, when this happens  I zone out completely.
Mrs. Gloria Otunba watched her son closely as he was walking towards the Emergency Ward. She didn’t know if she should cry tears of joy for seeing her son who she hasn’t seen in almost five years or tears of sadness for her husband who just suffered a “minor” (quoting the doctor) heart attack.
To her, heart attack is heart attack; major or minor. Even Sylvia, her only daughter thought so too. The doctor had to even give the young girl a sedative to calm down. She was so distraught. Well, it’s not even surprising because the love between her husband and Sylvia,  her daughter was unbreakable.
She sighed. Then said a quick silent prayer for her husband just right before her son got into the ward. She was so amazed, her baby boy is all grown. Not just grown, but into a fine young man. Stretching her hands towards him, he came closer and gave her a tight warm embrace.
“Adekunle Fernandez, my fer fer is this you? My goodness, look at you. Muscle, muscle everywhere. Ahan, I know you own a gym but must you use all the equipment there? “, she asked while scanning him thoroughly from head to toe.
” My beautiful mum, you can’t change o. Is that how to welcome your son? With questions?”, Kunle said
“My muscles are gains mum and I love them”, Kunle said while flaunting his arms.
” Kini? Gains ? Gains without a wife or fiancee is that gains? “, she asked.
“Mum, not again please. “
“I’m not getting any younger o, and see your father, he’s already battling for his life. You want him to die….God forbid. His enemy, to die without seeing at least one grandchild out of the five you’d have…”
“Wait. What? What makes You think id have five kids? You had just two mum. But mine is five? because?”, Kunle asked
” if I had married early Fer, you now you’d have like six siblings. I love kids and you know it.”
“Sure mum. But I’m not you , I’d marry at my pace. Okay mamii?  I don’t even know why we are talking about this right now. How’s dad? How did everything happen?”
She sighed , and said, ” Hmmm…..your father is stable now , I swear the devil is a liar o. I’m sure it’s all these village people that’s at work, but my God will never fail o. “
“Ahan,  drama queen. Village people? From? Mum, you’re too dramatic. He’s stable now ? Please I’d like to see him.”
“He is asleep son, you also look like you need sleep darling. Wait, where’s Victor? Why isn’t he here?”, she asked while looking around.
“I told him to go and drop my box in the house, figured I’d stay here all night and I didn’t want him to wait for me….”
“What? Son, that’s his job. To wait for you, is his job. Why am I now paying money if he’s not doing his job, I’m going to call him and give him a piece of my …..”
“Mum, mum. Don’t. I had to force him to go. He didn’t want to, but I ordered him to. Besides I’m not a child mother. You need rest too mum, so go home while I stay here with dad.”
“Stay bawo? No o, youre coming home with me. I already told Alice to prepare your favorite; Amala ati Ewedu. Or it has changed because you live in Chicago?”
“Changed? At all mum. But dad…”
“Your dad will be fine.  Moreover the bodyguard is looking after him, if anything should happen. We’d know. “, she cut in. “Oya,  lets go. Oko mii”, dragging her son to his feet.
Nima’s Apartment.
A week later.
I had just turned off my laptop and was getting ready for bed, when I started thinking about that blind fellow that bumped into me. He was just so ugh… full of himself? Is that the word? Sigh I don’t even know. I’m not supposed to be thinking about him or any man for that matter, but something was just so striking about him.
Could it be the beards? Nah, I’ve seen better. Then what the hell is it? Cause I don’t understand why he’s still in my thoughts, it’s been a freaking week. I was interrupted by a knock on my room door, then came in Nima.
“Oh good, you’re up.”, she said while walking towards my bed and bouncing on it like a five year old.
“Well, with the way you’re blasting your music , how will I sleep?”, I replied.
“Oh c’mon its not that loud.”
“Its not ? Go to the kitchen and check if the glasses haven’t shattered yet.”, I teased.
We both laughed and then she brought something out of her pyjamas pocket and said, ” I came to give you this.”, handling the envelope to me. “It turns out that there’s a party on saturday for one of dad’s business partners. I think his son just got back or so. I’m not sure about the details. All I know is that its an all white event and we are going.
Yes, I’m definitely laying emphasis on the “we”. “, she said.
“Nope, I’m not interested. Have fun at your rich people’s party but I no do.”, I said as I tossed the envelope back to her.
“You must do. Since a week ago, I’ve been begging you to do stuff with me but you’ve been turning me down but this one is a No! No!!. You’re going with me even If I have to drag you by the hair. So you better sleep tight madam because when you wake we are going shopping and that’s final.”, she said then exited the room leaving me with my mouth open.
Someone’s feisty this night, I thought. Okay maybe I’ve frustrated her by turning her down everytime but i dont want to meet men and trust me that’s all she has been trying to get me to do. Alright, I’ll do this for her. I hope I don’t regret it, but something at the back of my head keeps telling me I will.
About the Author.

Tracy Gabriel started writing at a young age of 8. She finally came out with a bang last year with a book titled Elizabeth Peters- Through her eyes. This 19 year old is definitely not stopping, so you’re going to be seeing her face for a long time. Stay woke. Follow her on Instagram @tracygabriiel, Snapchat: Kaayla.Gabriel and Twitter: @itzkaayla_