Faceless - Episode 11

Otunba’s Mansion.

Mrs Gloria Otunba with one hand on her iPhone X was sipping her morning Legend Green Tea with honey just how she likes it. All the blogs just couldn’t stop talking about the party her family was having and that was exactly what she wanted. She and her publicist had paid a lot of money to get the word out there, she’s pleased the money wasn’t wasted.  Well at least on the advertisement, but the main aim of the party was to get her son hooked on a girl. He’s quite vulnerable now, especially now that he thinks his father is failing in health. Though he was failing in health, the doctor said he’s out of danger now but she forgot to tell her son that tiny detail.

“Mum!!!”, Kunle screamed.

Gloria who was definitely startled by the scream asked, “What is it? Why scream my name when you’re not far away?”

“Haha mum I called you like about 5 times but you were just staring into space. What were you thinking of?”

“Well, I was thinking of how handsome my son is and how lucky he is to have me as his mother cause look at me, I mean take a real good look at me”. She paused to stand up and twirl “I’m 52 and glowing. My skin alone is not here o.”

“Ahan mama G, G for general with all this beauty left and right.”

“Yes oh.”

They both laughed.

“Omo mi hope you’re all set for your welcome party? You have to be looking as handsome as ever, the tailor will be here by evening. Make yourself available son.”

” I really don’t think this party is necessary, I mean dad hasn’t even recovere….”

” But it was his wish”, his mother cut in ” End of story, I’m going to lay down. Let Alice bring the dinner to my room when it’s ready.” On saying that, she left the sitting room.

**** ****

Nima’s Apartment.


I increased my pace and was looking for a way out of here. I could hear footsteps hastily following me but I still kept running while silently praying to God that if I went out of this alive. I’d pack my things and run. This place isn’t for me. Immediately I turned right, I felt strong arms grip me till I winced in pain. 

“Playtime is over girl.”

Present Day.

“No!! No!!! No!!!!”, I screamed as I jerked up from sleep sweating profusely. It keeps getting worse each time I dream. This time it appeared so real, I searched for scratches on my feet or hands. I saw none. I was so terrified, if I stayed one more minute in that room I’d lose it. But as I rose up to get coffee still deep in thoughts I came face to face with a concerned Nima.

Oh God.

“Iniobong, are you okay? I heard you scream and I rushed down…”, she paused and came closer, “Another dream?”

I just stood, didn’t utter a word.

“Ini, I’m your best friend you’re meant to confide in me. What are you seeing in those dreams that is making you react this way? Please talk to me, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me”, she said searching my face.

“Nima, please don’t ask questions just hug me tight and say nothing. Please”. I said

An hour later

“Inii, you’re not dressed? Haba, I left you in this same position 45minutes ago and I told you to shower so we can go see the fashion designer and do our hair and nails. The party is tonight guy and you’re here watching Telemundo. “, Nima said with a high pitched voice.

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go anymore, especially now that my favourite soap opera series is on. But before I could even utter a word, she had already turned off the Tv.

“Guyyyy that’s rude, I was watching it. Turn it back on, oya 10 minutes only.”, I pleaded using my cutest smile at the end.

“Nope”, Nima replied bluntly.

“5 minutes?”


” 2minutes?”


“A second?”


“Ugh, you can be so bossy. I’m going.”


” I want you outside in 5 minutes, do Rub and shine I don’t care, but 5 minutes tops. ”

” I want you outside in 5 minutes, do Rub and shine I don’t care, but 5 minutes tops”, I mimicked and rolled my eyes.

*** ****

Somewhere in Town.

Kikelomo Alonge was having a bad day, she was leaving the fourth store and she still didn’t find the dress she’d use to slay hard at the all-white party in honour of her future fiancee. She got into the car and smiled at herself still deep in thoughts.

Yes, her future fiancée. He might not know yet but he’d marry her. She had spent more than ten years secretly crushing then loving Adekunle Fernandez Otunba but now that she is mature enough, it’s time to come out of the closet and get her man. She smiled again.

Her parents would obviously be thrilled, their families have been friends for years, so what better way to join the families together permanently than marriage? Exactly. She had even created fake IG pages just to keep stalking Kunle and it had been worth it to watch him grow to the fine ass man he is now.

Damn, what a man.

Her man, soon enough especially now that she’s best friends with his kid sister, Omolade Sylvia Otunba. All is definitely in her favour. Her phone rang to interrupt her thoughts and she checked the caller ID, her loving best friend. Talk about destiny lol.

“Hey girlfriend! Was just thinking about you”, she said as she picked up the call.

“You were? Eww, lesbian alert.”, Sylvia teased.

” They’d ewww you oh. What’s up?” , Kike asked.

” I went over to your house. Your mum told me you weren’t home. Weren’t we supposed to have lunch at Fahrenheit or are you slying?”

“Slying how? Aren’t you the chief sly? I just went dress hunting again. Don’t even bother asking how it went, it was fruitless. I’m tired honestly.”

“Aww really girl? Even the stores in Lekki? For real?”, she paused and continued,”Well that’s no problem, we can actually go meet my dressmaker at Admiralty way after lunch. How does that sound?”.

Kike shrieked in excitement. ” Really? Omg Yes!! Why not? Infact I’m on my way right now, bills on me. ”

“Haha okay mami. No problem. Love you, bye”

“Love you too.”, Kike replied before ending the call.

Adekunle Fernandez, prepare to be struck by love, she smiled as she ignited the engine and zoomed off.

**** ****

Otunba’s Mansion.

Adekunle Fernandez Otunba had just gotten out of the shower and was deep in thoughts, his mind was still on the beauty he met at the hospital. Those curves, those lips, those eyes.


God is awesome and he worked wonders on that girl. Shit.

He wants her…even if it’s just for a night. Who is he kidding? A night won’t even quench the burning hunger…maybe a year?

Ugh. Kunle be calm, it’s just p****y. An arrogant p****y as that. A feisty p****y is good p****y, he thought. Just then he was interrupted by a knock on the door and in came Sylvia.

“Wait, you’re not even dressed? Ah. Let your mother catch you. “, Sylvia said

“You look really beautiful my teddy bear. I’ll have to stay by your side throughout the night so hungry men won’t feast on you.”

“Thank you boo. Please oh. Don’t come and scatter my ministry, let them come. Stay on your own. Go and do your wife hunt and leave my case. Anyway I trust Mum, she’d use her eyes to follow you around.” She laughed and continued, ” that woman isn’t joking oh. “OperationGetKunleMarried is a go”.

Both of them burst into laughter.

” I swear Mum is a drama queen. I wonder why none of us got that trait”, said Kunle

“Ah. Trust me, if I had that trait this house won’t contain the both of us.”, said Sylvia

“I trust you teddy bear. You’d give her a run for her money”, Kunle said while laughing.

“Heard anything about father yet or…..”, he was interrupted by Sylvia’s phone.

“Kike is here, got to go. Come downstairs soon, love you”, she pecked him and left the room.

**** ****

Outside Otunba’s Mansion

“Ini, you look great, get out of the car and let’s walk in”, Nima said impatiently.

“Nima, honestly these heels are a lot. I can’t walk in them, I’d fall plus don’t you think my cleavage is a little too yknow…there? And also look at my face, I feel the makeup artist just packed all her products on my face and called it makeup. I honestly feel I wronged her.”

“Ugh. Again with this? I’ve told you a million times that you look great. We are like 2 hours late, I know I like coming fashionably late but don’t make me sweat cause I’m trying to convince you that you’re hot af. Infact, take … ” Nima tossed Ini the car keys and continued, ” Turn on the Ac and wait all you want. If you get bored, press phone Or grow balls and come into the party. Whichever one you choose, I, on the other hand, I’m going to go in and have fun. Make more snaps and Pepper Them!!!!!”, and with that, she left.

Fine, I’d stay here then. It’s far better than going out looking like a Jezebel and being laughed at by those rich fake ass people. The last thing I want to be called is a wannabe, not that I care what they think or say about me. Ugh who am I kidding? I actually care what they say or think. That’s why I’m here in this stupid car, pressing phone.


A message tone interrupted my internet surfing, but wait a minute. I was surfing the internet on my phone but I could swear I heard a message tone come from somewhere in this car. I was still trying to put two and two together only for another tone to echo from underneath the drivers’ seat.

As I pull out the phone, it turned out Nima left her phone, so no snaps after all. A part of me was happy that she’d be looking everywhere for the phone and she’d be sad in the party but another part was sad for her cause she’s my best friend and family.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I got out of the car, put on my shoes and some lipgloss then locked the car and headed straight for the Mansion.

As I went through the front door, I immediately knew this party wasn’t for me. Music was way too loud for my taste though everything was prim and proper. Food, I can smell food but that wasn’t a priority. I still couldn’t find Nima, and downstairs was crowded. Hell, looking for Nima right now is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I finally decided to go upstairs and find at least a seat and less crowd, but just as I climbed up the stairs and turned right, I bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… “, I paused as I saw the persons’ face.


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