Faceless - Episode 11

Otunba’s Mansion.

Adekunle couldn’t believe his eyes, he had just gotten out of his room and was still trying to adjust his outfit when he bumped into someone. Just as he was still trying to comport himself and apologize to the person, he looked up only to see familiar brown eyes staring back at him with annoyance first, then surprise. Holy shit, he could stare at those brown eyes forever.

Wait, what’s he thinking?

He didn’t  even know this babe but he’d sure as hell get to…

“ I’m s-sorry I didn’t see you there, please excuse me”, the strange lady said after few awkward stares.

“Hold On!”, Kunle said as he hurried to catch up with the strange lady. “Don’t you think it’s our destiny to know each other? I mean, this is our second time bumping into each other in a month.”

“Nah, I don’t think so.”, the strange lady replied with a matter-of-fact face.

If Kunle wasn’t smiling before, he definitely was now.

“Why?”, Kunle asked

“Why? I’m not interested. Please If you don’t have …”

“Calm girl, no one is asking you for marriage here. You know my name and it’s quite uncomfortable that I don’t know yours.”

The strange girl laughed and said, “ I know what? What makes you think I know your name? Because we met here doesn’t mean I’m stalking you like some lovesick puppy. So get off your high horse boy.”

“Boy?? Young lady, come let me put you on my mic so you can sing on it then you’d know I’m no small boy”, he stressed his last few words so they’d come out as seductive as he wanted.

As suspected , the strange lady raised up her hand and was about to slap him when he caught her hand and twisted them to her back making her turn with her back to him and said rather slowly, “ You don’t get to hit Kunle Otunba twice darling”, then he let her go and continued, “ now will you tell me ….”

“Babyy! Babyyy I’ve been looking everywhere for you”, Kikelomo Alonge said as she was rushing to where Kunle and his strange girl were.

“Hey Kike, looking for me? Why? Anyway meet…”, he turned to point to the strange girl but she was nowhere to be found. She had slipped away again without telling him her name. Won’t happen again, he swore in his mind.


**** *****

Kikelomo Alonge couldn’t contain the jealousy she felt when she saw Kunle Otunba, her longtime crush grab a girl. Her heart ached, she wasn’t even lying when she said she searched for him, she went everywhere looking for him so she could show off her mad ass curves with the dress she was wearing. Only to meet him in a heated conversation with a broomstick, Yes broomstick. The foolish girl probably felt cause she had small breast and small ass with a flat tummy, she had arrived. Nonsense!! No one was allowed to come close to “her man.” In fact, the thought sickened her, now she better get back to reality and hold her man before he slips away for another dog bone.

“Thought you wanted to introduce me to someone?”, she asked Kunle innocently.

“Oh well, no. I mean Yes, see …. just forget Kike. I’m going to go find my mum and sister. Have fun at the party”

He was about to leave when she grabbed his arm and said, “ Wait. I actually came to look for you because I think I’ve had a little too much to drink so I really need to lay down for a bit,” she lied.

“Oh okay, let me go find Sylvia so she can take you to her room”, Kunle said

“NO! I mean No, I found her already and she said she’s busy that I should look for you”, she lied again.

“Oh?……. Okay. Let’s go to mine then.”


Two minutes later,

“Won’t you stay with me?”, Kike asked as Kunle was about to leave the room.

“Stay? Nah, if I stay I’d be noisy and you won’t rest. You really need to rest so I won’t disturb you by staying.”

“But I’m scared”, She said

Immediately that left her mouth she felt ridiculous. Scared? Is that the best she can do? Sigh

“Scared? Scared of what exactly?”, he asked looking amused.

“S-scared o-of err… the dark. Yeah, I’m scared of the dark.”

“Oh that’s no problem, was actually gon leave the light on for you.”


“It’s alright. Have a good rest”, Kunle cut in and with that he left the room.


Stupid waste of time. He didn’t even look at her boobs or notice the curves. Or did he?


**** ****


All I wanted to do was go home and curl under my blanket and sleep. My feet ached, I’d been circling this mansion for God knows how long and there was no sign of Nima. I couldn’t even remember the door I used to get in. In fact, there was no familiar face. Well except that arrogant man that wanted an “introduction”. Demanding it like it’s his right. Scum. Scum?? Then why on earth are you thinking about this scum, Ini? Why do his eyes captivate yet intrigue you? When he grabbed me, for a split second It felt like Deja Vu, like it had happened before or something.

Girl, what’s wrong with you? You need food and a drink so you’d stop thinking nonsense.


“Ini??”, someone called my name from my back.

“Nima?”, I said as I turned back.

“Omg, Nima I’ve been looking everywhere for you. This house is huge I got lost a hundred times.”

“Slow your ropes Ini, I’ve only been gone 30 minutes. Don’t be a drama queen.”, she said teasing me.

“Drama queen? Please. That’s your role, you’ve collected an Oscar for it remember?”, I said

“True that. Ain’t nobody taking that crown. I’m glad you finally came. I was beginning to hire guys to drag you here and I’m not even joking.”

“Sure, I know you’re not.”, I replied amidst laughter.

“Had anything to eat or drink yet? “, asked Nima.

“Actually No, I haven’t and I’m hungry af”

“Aren’t you always hungry af??”, she teased while signalling to people I couldn’t see and in 20 seconds or less I had trays in front of me of all sorts of dishes.

“Guyyy, whose party is this? The food is amazing.”

“God. Eww Ini, shut up. Don’t talk with your mouth full. They’re a lot of bachelors here, you don’t want them to run away.”, Nima reprimanded as she rolled her eyes.

“They can fly away, I’m not interested in any man.”

“Just shut up and eat.”

I quickly wrapped the remaining pieces of chicken in a foil and threw it into my bag because if I wanted to eat the chicken the way I deemed fit, Nima would probably have me locked up for life and I’m not even Joking

“Okay, I’m done.”, I said

“Finally, look at me. Open your nose, also let me see your mouth. Come closer and talk to me so I can smell your breath. “

“Guy, we are outside. People will soon start staring.”

“Just shut up and take this Orbit. Let’s go.”, she said as she passed the pack of the gum to me.

I popped it into my mouth and asked, “ Go to?”

“We are going to meet the family that made this party happen, most especially the man in whose honour the party was thrown for.”


“Why what? Because you need to socialize and also because I heard the man is single.”

“You’re single too y’know. Go for him.”

“Just shut up and follow me”

“Ugh, I don’t get why you …..”

I was cut off by the ringtone of my phone, quickly checked the ID and guess who?


“Who’s that??”, Nima asked

“It’s my dad and I need to pick this but everywhere is so noisy.”

“Go upstairs, they’re rooms there. Look for an open one and make your phone call sharply then come back down.”


“Be fast, I’m waiting.”

I ran up the stairs but every room I went to was locked, I already missed the first call and it was already ringing the second time when I finally found an empty room. I was just about to dial my dad back when a naked babe emerged from a door in the room, maybe the bathroom cause she was dripping wet.

“Kunle, I heard the door close. Is that you?”, she asked

On seeing me, she was taken aback while I was just there standing.

“What are you doing here? Wait aren’t you the girl that was talking to my man earlier? Omg, you came to seduce him? How long have you been trying to steal my man?”

Okay, now I was confused, what’s the chic on about?

“Excuse me?”, was all I could manage to say.

“Excuse you? Ah!! Look at this broomstick oh. Ah, Aye mi te mi bami. I’m finished, you want to harvest what you didn’t plant. See let me warn you oh, olori bu ru ku. My Igbo people will call girls like you “Akunna”, get your claws from my man if not…”

“Or what? What can you do? Nah, I thought this was a joke but when the insults started rolling in. I couldn’t take it anymore. Now, listen to me. I don’t know who the bloody hell your man is, neither do I care. Trust me the last thing I want is to be dragging man with a fat oaf like you. So, bye boo.”, and with that, I walked out.

The audacity. Ah! They’re mad people in this Lagos oh. A lot of them aren’t roaming. The fuck?

“You’re finally back.”, Nima said as I returned back to my former position.

“Yeah, I am.”, I replied still trying to inhale and exhale. So I’d be calm.

“So what did dad say?”

“Well, I didn’t even …”

“Oh that’s him, let’s go.”, she cut in and dragged me by the hand making me nearly fall.

When she stopped, I was relieved and still trying to adjust my cloth and my shoes when I heard Nima say,

“Fernandez, meet my best friend turned  sister, Iniobong Omotor.”

I raised my head up when I heard, “Hi, I’m Adekunle Fernandez Otunba and you’re welcome to my party.”, he said with a smile.


Holy fuck!

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