Faceless - Episode 11

Otunba’s Mansion

Adekunle Fernandez Otunba couldn’t help the smile that lit up his face as he saw the girl he was being introduced to. Isn’t God wonderful? The information He had been stressing to get, God gave it to him just like that. He just couldn’t stop the smirk from plastering his face as he anticipated, “Iniobong’s” reaction once she lifted up her cute little head and saw him. Once he introduced himself, and welcomed her to his party, her reaction was all he hoped for.

She looked up at him and her brown eyes lit in surprise, it was really amazing.

God, she’s beautiful.

He smiled when Nima nudged Iniobong just because she hadn’t said anything.

“Er, it’s nice to meet you Kunle Otunba.”, Iniobong finally said.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Iniobong”, he said while extending his hand.

“Your house is really lovely.”, Ini said as she took his hand.

He held her hand for a little too long because her palm was so soft and it felt right…just like he had imagined they would feel ever since he met her. He could have held them forever, but Nima had to just interrupt.

“Oh, that reminds me. Kunle, do you know that Ini hasn’t actually seen the house. Can you give her a tour? I would have but…”

“No, I don’t think…..”, Ini began.

“It’s actually no bother, I actually wanted to take a stroll before you ran into me, Nima. Ini, is it fine with you or you’d rather not?”

He looked intensely at Ini as she just stared into space for a while and just when he almost gave up… “Yes”, Ini blurted out.

“Yes?” He asked.

“Yes, I’d like a tour. That’s if you’re still up for it.”

“Alright then.”

“Take care of my bestie Kunle”, Nima said

“Trust me, she’s in safe hands.”, he said to Nima and turned to Ini, ” let’s go dear.”

**** ****

I wasn’t even surprised Nima tried to play matchmaker again, but what surprised me was why I actually agreed to it.

Iniobong Omotor!! You actually know why you agreed to it. It was because of that naked girl in the room, she’d definitely have a heart attack if they bump into her and she sees her “man” with another woman. It’ll be too priceless.

Petty, I know, but please let me be. I deserve a few minutes of pettiness.

It was Kunle’s hand on my shoulder that brought me back to reality. It made me jerk in shock.

“Are you about to laugh?”, I asked accusingly. Of course, he was about to laugh, I could see it from the way his lips folded that he was trying to stifle it in.

“Laugh? On the contrary, I should be mad. I’ve been talking and pointing things to you since we started this tour and you obviously weren’t listening”, he replied

“I wasn’t listening? I definitely was.”

“No, you weren’t. Don’t lie ’cause I called your name a couple of times before I touched your shoulder which made you jump like a frog.”

“I’m sor…Excuse me? Frog? You must really think we are friends that you can call me names.”

“Ah Ini, I thought…”

“Hold on. You can’t call me Ini. We are not guys, call me Iniobong. Okay?”

“Damn. Wow! You’re really something.”

“Heard that before.”

“Do you still want the tour or? ”

“Fine. ”

**** ****

Omolade Sylvia Otunba was searching for her brother, she hadn’t seen him at the party and her Mum had instructed her to find that young man and drag him by the ear downstairs.

Like that could even happen.

He was probably tucked in bed or on the phone with somebody from overseas. Whichever, but the koko of the matter is that even if he is in the Lion’s den, she still has to fish him out so that she can return to her party and her handsome crush who’s finally giving her attention. Must be the push up silicon bra or the fact that she went to the dentist to whiten her teeth. Honestly, whatever it is, it should please keep working in her favour and maybe mans gonna get laid tonight. Who knows? The only way she would find out is when she finds that brother of hers. She quickly knocked once and opened the door to find her best friend naked on her brother’s bed. What’s going on?

“Kike?”, she asked immediately after she removed the headphones from her head.

“Oh my God! Sylvia baby, what are you doing here ?”

“What am I doing here?” she raised one eyebrow and continued, ” Isn’t that question meant to be for you? I’m the sister.”

“Oh. True. The thing is I had a little too much to drink so I stumbled on your brother, and he let me lay on his bed for a while. I had a quick shower so I could calm down. That’s the story.”

“You were tipsy? You? Can you ever be tipsy? Guy, you that can drink Henny like it’s water and you’d still be able to drive home. You’re tipsy. I see. But what if it was my brother that got in? The least you’d have done is cover up. ”

“Please oh. I’m not a drunk abeg. Your brother told me he won’t be back till after the party that’s why I just wanted to lay naked. I know it’s not appropriate i’d get dressed now.”.

Sylvia just stood there as she watched her friend get dressed and apply little makeup while thinking of other possible places her brother could be. Sigh. This is not what she signed up for, what if her crush gets tired of waiting for her and goes home or worse, takes another girl home.

“Did my brother tell you where he’d be when he left the room?, Sylvia asked Kike as they left the room.

“No. Why?”, kike asked.

“Because my mum is looking for him, turns out she has seen a wife for me and she wants to play matchmaker.”

“A wife? He’s a grown man, he should be allowed to pick a wife himself na.”

“Yes I know Kiks, but we haven’t even seen anyone he’s interested in.”

“Not yet”, Kike said in a “hush” tone.

“What did you say?” Sylvia asked.

“Nothing boo. Nothing.”

“Anyway, i’d see you later boo.”

“Why? You’re not coming to have drinks with me?”

“Nahh, told you already that I’m searching for my brother. Can’t go in without him. ”

“Oh? Then, let’s go look for him.”

“Really? It’ll be stressful y’know. ”

“I know but what are best friends for?”

“Nah, you’re too cute. Let’s start from the basement”

***** *****

Thirty minutes later,

Kikelomo was too weak and bored with the search, even her best friend was beginning to think Kunle wasn’t in the house. She, on the other hand, had a strong feeling that Kunle was closer than ever and probably with some chick. Hopefully not the broomstick cause she, Kikelomo Alonge will pounce on her and give her the beating of her life.

No jokes.

“We’ve checked everywhere Kunle can be.”, Kikelomo complained.

“That’s it.”, Sylvia said with all smiles.


“We are checking where Kunle can be, but we are not checking where Kunle can actually be. ”

“Sylvia, are you drunk? What are you saying?”

She honestly couldn’t make sense of what Sylvia was saying.

“Ugh, Kike. Don’t you get? This is a party so for all we know, he might be with some chic. We’ve been looking for Kunle in places he can be alone, I think I know where my big brother is. Let’s go”

Wait! What? Did she just say with some chic? That chic just signed her death certificate. The audacity.

“Are you coming? “, Sylvia said interrupting her thoughts.

*** ***

As soon as Kunle opened the door to the garden, I couldn’t even pretend, the view was amazing. I was stunned. The flowers, the stars and the ocean were all in sight. Breathtaking. I could sense he was watching me take it all in and by his smile he was glad. Who wouldn’t be glad? This view is heavenly, from the way the flowers scented to the waves from the ocean down to the stars in the sky. Pure heavenly. I was awed and I didn’t even try to hide it.

“This. Is. Beautiful”, I finally managed to say

“Yeah, it is. Exactly the same thing I thought when I bumped into you earlier tonight”, Kunle said.

“Haha, real smooth. A for Effort”, I said while looking at the ocean.

“Can’t blame a Nigga for trying..”

“So how many people have you brought here?”, I asked

“A few but it’s been a long time I did.”

“Okay”, I said while staring into his eyes while he stared into mine. I could feel my heartbeat rapidly.

I cleared my throat and said, “So..”

“So?”, he asked looking amused. “Okay, so tell me why a beautiful girl like you bumps into people for a living.”

“Haha, you didn’t tell me you’re into comedy”, I replied sarcastically and continued, ” I don’t bump into people, just you and if I remember correctly. You bumped into me.”

“Oh, so you agree that it’s me you want”, he said with a smile

“Whattt? No. You’re unbelievable, how you twist my words to favour you is just…”

“Beautiful?”, he cut in.

“No, of course not. The word is er.. I can’t find any right word but when I do I’d let you know”, I said.

“As you’re searching for the right word, search for the keys to your heart so I can unlock it.”

I paused, I swear I could feel my heart skip a beat.

Like omg, who’s this man.

“You don’t give up do you?”, I managed to say, appearing really calm.

“No I don’t, when I want something I go for it and I’d be damned if I don’t get it”, He said while staring into my eyes and guess what? I was staring right back.

**** ****

Sylvia Otunba was walking to her destination when she met her mother, Mrs Otunba on the way.

Oh, snap.

“My baby, have you found him?”, her mother asked immediately she sighted her.

“No mum but I’m …”

“Ahan, where can that boy be? My bride is waiting. Her family and mine will make perfect in-laws. My enemies will be put to shame.”, her mother said.

“Hello ma”, Kike finally spoke.

“Ahh!! Omo dada, how are you, my dear? Hope you’re enjoying the party?”

“Yes ma”

“Okay dear. Have fun”, she said before walking away.

“Mum, where are you going to?”, Sylvia said as she followed her mother

“Ahan, to the garden of course. I want fresh air. The party o ti sun mi.”

“You? Tired of party? Impossible. Why not go to your room instead? Have a cool shower and come back.”

“Shower? So all my makeup will go? All my sisi will end? No oh. Garden is okay for me.”

“No mum, I mean…”

“I’m going to the garden and it’s final.”, her Mum said.

If Sylvia’s guess was right and Kunle is actually in the garden with some chic doing God knows what. Only God knows what her mum will do especially now that her mum has found the perfect bride for him. It could end well or it could end really bad, her mother is unpredictable sometimes.

**** ****

I finally decided to break up the stare game or whatever we were doing because it was becoming too intense. I couldn’t take it anymore, but Kunle brought my face back to his. This time a lot closer and for a split second all I wanted was take his lips in mine and do what they do in romance movies because the scene was just like it was cut out from a Cinderella movie. Looking at this hunk of a man, and the way he was looking at me right now like I was some buffet just made my insides turn.

“I have to go.”, I finally managed to say before I did something I’d regret. I didn’t even wait for his reply.

“Ini, look…”

Too late, I had already stumbled. I saw myself falling and in less than five secs, I thought I was going to end up flat on the floor only to open my eyes and see myself in Kunle’s arms. He lowered his lips to mine.

“Adekunle Fernandez Otunba”, a woman said.

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