Faceless - Episode 11

Otunba’s Mansion.

I’m shivering right now, okay I think I’m sweating too. Realistically, I know it’s not even possible. Do you know why I feel this way?


Let’s rewind this.

So, I was about to trip on a wire yeah? Then Kunle caught me and was about to kiss me when this woman showed me and called his full name. Obviously, his mother because it’s only a Nigerian Parent that has the right to call anyone’s first name. I couldn’t even remove my eyes from her as she walked closer to us, nah she’s a beautiful woman even at her age.


No wonder he looks this delicious.

Ugh…. Focus, Ini.

Back to reality, I quickly stepped away from Kunle and headed towards the door in a bid to disappear.

“Stop there, young lady. Didn’t your parents teach you that it’s rude to walk out on elders?”, the elderly woman said.

“Excuse me?”, I asked as I stopped in my tracks. Knowing my reply was rude, I quickly cleared my throat and added “I’m sorry ma, I thought you’d want a quiet time with your child. I didn’t want to interrupt.”

” I see.”, was all the elderly woman said while she accessed me from my head to my toes with her eyes. Then looked back to her son, ” Fer, I’ve been looking all over for you. The Johnsons are here and they’ve been dying to meet you, especially Omoti, their only daughter.”

“Haha, mother. You can see I’m with someone, it’ll be rude to just…”

“No, it’s fine. It’s already late, I should look for my friend and head home. Good night ma’am”, I said as I turned to exit the garden.

*** ***

Kunle Otunba was quite lost at his mother’s coldness, as a matter of fact, confused was the word.

“Wow. Mum, you’re something honestly.”, he said immediately Ini exited the garden.

“My son…”, Gloria started to reply

“No mum, let me finish. You’ve been ringing in my ears to find a woman and get married and all that but the first woman you see me with you chase away. Like I don’t even understand you.”

“Fer, my Fer, of course, I’m your mother and I know exactly what I’m doing. I also know what’s right for you, I myself went through all the beautiful ladies and picked one that you’d really like. One that’d unite two great families together.”

“Mum, can I go now? “, his sister, Sylvia spoke which made him notice that they were two additional people in the garden. He was so focused on Ini and his mum that he didn’t notice them.

“Wait, doll face, you’ve been here the whole time ?”, he asked his sister.

“Of course I have, and I’m just wasting time here while my man crush is out there being fed on.”, his sister said pleadingly.

“Hey Kunle”, Kikelomo said.

“Hey Kike, you’ve been here too? Then who’s in the party? Okay, everyone move. Let’s go, our guests are waiting.”

“Fer, you’re coming with me “, his mum said.

“No mum, I’m going to look for the girl you chased away. Do you know how long I’ve been tracking that babe? “, he asked, then began to walk towards the door.

“Okay please, come and see your bride first. Then you can run after other women….”

” Mum, I love you but No!”, he said as he walked out of the room.

*** ***

Nima Duke was getting really worried, she had dialed her bestie, Ini’s number countless times all to no avail. It’s been thirty minutes since her disappearance and it was so unlike her. Well, except she got lost. Now she was torn between going to look for her and remaining where she was, just incase Ini finally came around.

After one more failed attempt at reaching her, she finally decided to go hunting for Ini. She was still trying to text Ini when she walked straight into Sylvia Otunba.

“Fucccck”, her head was definitely going to feel that even after 24 hours.

“Ouch, your head is big o.”, Sylvia said while rubbing her head.

“My head is Big? Yours just gave me a mini heart attack.”, she replied.

“Haha, very funny.”, Sylvia replied in a sarcastic tone as she began to walk away

“Wait! Have you seen a girl?”

“Have I seen a girl? Nima how many drinks did you have? ”

“No! No! Ugh, never mind.”

“Talk to me girl. What’s the matter?”

“I brought my best friend here, and I can’t find her. ”

“You can’t find her? Obviously, she’d turn up when she’s not 2 years old. Please go back and have fun.”, she said as she was beginning to walk away.

“No, you don’t understand. She’s new to this, this whole party thing. That’s why I must look for her. ”

“Oh! Alright, what does she look like? ”

“Uh, let’s see. She’s really pretty, her hair is up in a rough bun, she’s also putting on a black and gold lace dress which is showing cleavage and ….”

” a black purse..”, Sylvia said as she completed Nima’s sentence.

“Yeah, a black purse. Wait, how did you know?”

” So it was you. You brought that pretty girl to this party? I could have never guessed. Well, I saw her with my brother some minutes ago at the garden. Then she left because my mum came in blah blah but I think my brother is also looking for her.”

Oh really? What was Ini doing with Kunle? Hmm.

“Alright, thanks babe”, Nima said but as she was about to go up the stairs, Sylvia shouted from behind, “I’m really thinking you should just check the rooms around the garden before you climb stairs for nothing.”

“Thanks boo”, Nima shouted back.

**** ****

I didn’t even want to know, I entered the first room I could see. I really needed to breathe and calm down, and I can’t do that downstairs with a lot of people choking me.

Ugh, stupid man. Why would he want to kiss me? Just cause he stopped me from tripping, he thinks he has a right to kiss me? He’s nuts.

Sigh, nope. I’m the one who’s nuts cause I also wanted to kiss him. Iniobong Omotor, what’s going on with you? Can’t you see he’s a MAN.

“Ugh”, I groaned out loud as I attempted to kick the empty space but ended up hitting something hard.

I stood still. I felt something move in the room. It was pitch dark but I could still feel a movement in the room, so I hurriedly looked for a light switch knowing fully well that in an African home the switch is always close to the door. Once I turned on the light, I heard someone cough and moved towards the bed. On getting closer, I saw an elderly man on the bed looking like I’d startled the hell out of him.

“I’m really sorry I woke you, sir”, I said rather slowly.

When he kept on looking at me and not talking, I actually did think he couldn’t understand English. I’m not even joking till he coughed and slowly sat up.

“It’s alright my dear, it was either gonna be you or the music and I’m glad it was you. You’re so beautiful my dear. What house birthed you?”

I smiled and replied, ” Thank you sir, from what house? I don’t understand but my name is Iniobong Omotor.”

“What a beautiful name, so who brought you to this place? Your fiancé?”

“Fiancé? Do I look old? Omg! I’m single so nope, my best friend brought me here, Nima Duke….”

“Oh Duke! I know them. Lovely family.”

“I assume you are a graduate, what did you study?”, the old man asked.

“Haha, yes I am. Well, I studied International Relations but I also dabble into web design and other things.”

“Really nice, I’m impressed. Will you like to work for me?”

“Work for you? Who are you? What job?”

“I’m Mr Otunba and In my company, as a personal assistant for starters. ”

Okay, I was shocked. Look at someone I don’t know from Adam asking me to work for him, I started looking around for hidden cameras just in case this was a joke.

” You haven’t even seen my Cv, what if I’m not qualified?”

He coughed and continued, ” Trust me, I should know when a person is qualified so would you…”

He was interrupted by the door, then came in Nima looking like she’d seen a ghost.


I nodded

“Ini, how can you do this to me? I’ve been searching for you everywhere.”

“Oh really? Weren’t you having a great time? I went to the garden then I came here to get away from the people and I met him”, I said pointing to the bed.

I watched as her eyes followed my hand.

“Mr Otunba, good evening sir. Heard about your health, Hope you’re better now and my friend didn’t disturb you”

“Oh no, she didn’t. I actually like her company, even offered her a job in my company but she has refused to give me an answer.”

“You did? Oh my goodness, that’s great news. Of course, she’d take it.”, I heard Nima say.

“Wait, what? Since when did you become my spokesman?”

“Shusssh, you don’t have a job and here’s a job. What’s the issue please?”, Nima said

“Okay fine, I’d take the job. Thank you sir”

“I’m really glad, drop your number on this piece of paper and I’d call you. Okay ?”, Mr Otunba said

Five minutes later,

Outside Otunba’s Mansion

” I can’t actually believe you were going to decline that job offer, like I don’t understand you oh. You don’t have bread and someone is giving you half bread and you’re saying No. Nawa”, Nima said

“Ugh, let it go ah. I already said Yes. Can we go already ?”, I said

Immediately I said that, I could feel chills running through my spine and I honestly didn’t know why until he spoke.

“You’re actually going to leave without saying goodbye to me?”


I gasped.

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