Faceless - Episode 11

Nima’s Apartment.

It had been a really long night and she had just gotten out of a good shower, wore her robe and flip flops and headed straight for the kitchen. A cup of hot coffee was needed to sober her up just before she goes to interrogate Ini about  Adekunle Fernandez Otunba. Is there something going on? Just as she was sipping her coffee, still contemplating how to bring up the issue with Ini, the madam strolled in looking calm as ever.

The nerve.

“What?”, Ini asked as she stood right in front of the fridge.

“What? How?”, she asked Ini

“Why are you looking at me like that? Why do you even have that look on?”, Ini asked as she reached for an apple.

“How? There’s nothing absolutely wrong in the way I’m looking at you. Guilty conscience perhaps?”, she paused and looked at her robe, “Have what on?”

Ini chuckled and said, ” Guilty conscience? When I did no wrong? Your interrogating robe on”.

On hearing Ini’s statement, Nima attacked, ” No wrong?  What do you call hiding stuff from your best friend? All those times you were pulling up disappearing acts, it was because of man. Who would’ve thought”

“Man?”, Ini asked

“Yes, man.”

“Wait, don’t tell me you mean Kunle?”, she asked looking amused.

“Last time I checked, he has a penis so he’s a man. Or am I wrong?”

“Calm down. Are we fighting? If you want gist, just ask.”

“Okay, I want gist madam and I want it right now.”

**** ****

As if I knew it, Nima and Amebo, always ready for gist. I took a long dramatic drag of my juice before putting down the glass and going into storytime mode. I told her about the hospital incident and the house incident and I legit ended my story with “I still hate his guts tho” trying to sound all mean but instead, Nima started laughing.

“What’s the matter, sister?”, I asked trying really hard not to laugh cause her laughter is contagious AF.

“I’m sorry, it’s just that I can’t believe Kunle can actually say more than five words.”

“Five words? Meaning he’s an illiterate or ..?”, I asked confused.

“No!! He used to be more of an introvert I guess, he rarely spoke when my brother and I came around.”

“Not sure if it’s the same Kunle because the one I met is a talkative, like he enjoys it.”

“Yeah, it sure as hell sounds that way from what you described. So he tried to kiss you.Wow, I could’ve sworn he was gay.”

I was taken aback but then I caught my self, ” Well, he might swing both ways. Who knows?”

Then we both burst into laughter.

“Iniobong, just be careful alright? I know how I’ve been telling you to get a man since but I doubt Kunle is the man especially since his visit to Nigeria is short termed.”

I held my breath, “Short termed? Meaning?”

“He hasn’t told you? “, she said wide-eyed.

“Told me what???”, I said confused

“That he’s in Nigeria for a while, he has been out of the country for about 5 or 6 years? I’m not even sure, but I know he owns a gym where he stays. Just can’t remember where it is .”, she said.

“Oh, I see. It doesn’t matter tho, it’s not like I’m in love with him or I have feelings for him. I’m not.”, I said, trying to convince myself.

“Good, I’m going to sleep. It’s been a long night, turn off the lights when you’re ready. Love you”, she said hugging me from behind and leaving me alone with my thoughts.

*** ***

Gloria Otunba was quite proud of herself and couldn’t stop smiling she was going through the reviews her team sent to her that morning. Her party was a success, it was the talk of the town and people couldn’t stop yapping about it. A lot of socialites had called personally to even thank her for inviting them. How marvellous! And to crown it all, she found the perfect bride for her son, Fer. She was the happiest woman on planet earth, and right now, she was humming to herself as she made her way to her husband’s room with a tray of his breakfast.

“Daddy Kunle!”, she said as she barged into the room. “Where’s this man? “, she thought aloud as she met an empty bed.

“This man is right behind you”, he said from behind her, laughing as he turned around and saw her startled face.

“It’s not funny o, Daddy Kunle. Don’t you know I am old, do you want to kill me? Do you want to kill me before I see my grandchildren? ”

“Ahh! You’ll not die, my dear, don’t be dramatic. Good morning ma”

“Good morning Daddy Tobi, here’s your food”, she said as she dropped the tray of food on the table and continued, ” I brought your breakfast, so I’d feed you and tell you all about the party but since I’m annoyed with you, you’d feed yourself but I’d still give you the gist. “. She said as she went to sit on the chair beside the table.

He sighed. Women.

“So tell me, how did the party go? Did it work? ”

” My dear, don’t you trust your wife? I’m the best at owambe, I wish you were there.”

” I know my dear, I wish I was too but we both know Adekunle, our son would be on the first flight back if he knew I was hale and hearty.”

” I know that too, he’s so stubborn but he must stay in Nigeria at least till he’s married. ”

” So did you find the bride of your choice?”

” Yes I did, she’s so beautiful. You even know her, she’s Omoti Johnson. That small girl of those days, if you see her now ehn. You’ll be shocked. She just got back from Canada where she did her masters, she’s perfect. Her mother’s carbon copy.”

” I see. Oh, that reminds me, I employed someone; a girl. She’s starting today, she’d be working directly with Kunle. ”

” Employed ke? When did you leave the room? When did this happen? Working with Kunle as what? ”

“Woman, too many questions. Thank you for the food, I want to rest. “, he said as he walked to his bed and laid on it.

” Ah, Daddy Tobi, this isn’t the end o. I hope you have nightmares in that your nonsense sleep. What rubbish!!”, she said as she walked out of the room.

**** ****

As Kunle Otunba was caught up in the morning traffic all he could think of was his little argument with his mother this morning. That woman is so stubborn and she can never take no for an answer, typical Otunba spirit. She’s the reason why he was in the traffic in the first place because all of a sudden, she decided she’d leave the running of the company to him just because she wants to pamper herself and her husband. So who would pamper him?  Every day it just gets harder to leave. First, it was his dad’s sickness, then the party, now the company. The conversation with his mother kept replaying in his mind, she sure likes to have her way and he still couldn’t say no. If he could say no, he won’t be driving to the company instead of his initial plan of getting on the next flight back to Chicago, Illinois. He was interrupted from his thoughts, as soon as his phone rang.


“Hey teddy bear”, he said as picked the call.

“My second love, where are you? Went to your room to wake you but you were nowhere to be found.” , she paused and continued, “Did you go jogging without me again ?”, she asked.

“No teddy bear, your mother decided she’s not going to work anymore and now I have to take over. ”

She shrieked and said, “so that means you’re staying in Nigeria then? ”

He sighed and replied, ” No baby, it’s just a temporary thing okay? ”

” Oh oh alright. Well, once I shower I’d come get you and we’d go for lunch. Deal?”

” Sure babycakes, I have to go now. I just got to the parking lot. Love you. ”

*** ***

Nima’s Apartment

Before I could say anything, he pressed his body to mine and used one hand to cover my mouth while the other was ripping my dress up in a very brutal manner and as I searched for ways to flee from this beast, I finally summoned courage to look at his face but I could only see his eyes because of his mask. All I could think of was why the hell I agreed to come to this Mask Themed Party in the first place.

My alarm rang, bringing me back to the reality and away from that nightmare that keeps reoccurring these days. Something must be wrong because it’s beginning to happen more frequently than before which is a bad thing. I thought I had closed that chapter of my life five years ago. So what the hell is happening ???

I was about to try and sleep a little bit when I heard a knock on my door, and a sleepy Nima walked in. Much more like stumbled in.

“Wake up sleepy head”, she said as she got closer to my bed.

“I’m awake, and you’re the sleepy head.”, I paused to check the time, ” oh my God Nima, it’s 5:30am. Why in God’s name are you up?”

” I came to wake you but looks like you’re pretty much awake yourself so, I’m going back to sleep.”

“Aw thanks baby, okay go back to sleep dear.”


Two hours later,

I already got tired of cursing under my breath because truth be told, if I had left the house earlier I’d have beat this stupid Monday morning traffic. So, in a way, I was to be blamed for my present predicament. Well, not even me actually, it’s all Nima’s fault, she kept making me change clothes and put on makeup and also eat breakfast. Ugh. I tuned into Rhythm 98.5 and felt all my anger wash off as I listened to my favourite jam.

After 15 minutes of shouting and honking like a mad person, I finally got to the company and headed straight for the front desk. Best believe, I was shaking cause at the back of my mind all I could think of was, what if this is all a sick joke by that man?

“Hello, good morning.”, I said as I finally got to the front desk.

“Hello dear, can I help you?”, the receptionist asked smiling.

A friendly face, how cute.

“Uhm, my name is Iniobong….”

“Oh, you’re the Iniobong Omotor. I’ve been briefed about you, I actually couldn’t wait to see you. The CEO kept on speaking highly of you.”,  she cut in.

Highly of me? We barely spoke for 15 minutes, I thought in my head.

I just smiled and kept looking around trying to study my environment.

“Anyway, you’d have to sign in”, she said pointed to a book and continued, “I’d have given you a card but then I’d need your fingerprints, personal information and all that but hopefully you’d get it before the week runs out.”

I nodded and after filing it, I handed her the book.

“Okay then, follow me so I’d show you to your office. You’d be working directly with the boss, I’m sure he’d explain better. “, she paused, “oh, that reminds me, he requested for a cup of hot coffee when he got in, so you need to make it and give it to him. Remind me to show you the coffee room.”, she said as she was walking into an elevator.

“Here, we go.”, she said as she opened a brown door and I couldn’t help but gasp. “The next office is for the boss”, I heard her say.

My office was beautiful, it was painted white. Obviously. But it had this brown desk that looked like it was carved from the finest wood. I couldn’t actually wait to touch it. I was still trying to tell myself to breathe when the receptionist’s phone rang and before I could even say Jack, she was already out the door. She told me the coffee room was at the second door to my right and directed me to the place. When I got there, I couldn’t tell if my boss would like brown sugar or white sugar. In fact, I didn’t even know how he’d like it, so I just made it how I like it.

After I made the coffee, I headed straight for his office praying I won’t lose my way and I didn’t. Yay!

I knocked twice but heard no response, so I opened the door. If I thought my office was beautiful, his was breathtaking but I didn’t have time to take mental notes of my surrounding. I quickly dropped the cup of coffee and was about to leave when my skirt got stuck with the table. See, don’t ask me how cause I don’t even know. I was still trying to struggle and wiggle out of it when I heard a voice startle me.

“Need some help?”, he said.

The voice sounded so familiar but I had to just make sure it’s not all in my head so I looked up.

“Kunle?”, I asked. It was more of a statement that a question though.

“In the flesh baby.”, he said grinning.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

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