Faceless - Episode 11

Kunle Fernandez Otunba couldn’t stop himself from smiling, if he didn’t believe in destiny, now he definitely does. It’s Iniobong, in flesh, and not in his mind like she has been these past days. She even looks more beautiful with her hair rolled up and in her work attire. Oh shit!

She’s still stuck, and she looks like she’d die of embarrassment if she isn’t free soon enough.

“Need some help?” , he asked again while moving closer to her making sure the eye contact wasn’t broken. When he was inches away, he knelt beside her and helped free the hem of her skirt, which took about 5 seconds surprisingly.

“If I didn’t know better I’d think you just wanted my attention and wasn’t stuck at all. “, he teased when he was done

“You’ve got to be kidding me, of course, I was stuck. What would getting your attention do to me, it doesn’t even have monetary value.”, she replied while adjusting her skirt.

He chuckled and said, “Women and money.”

“Women and money? Are we the only ones that like money? So men don’t like money but they want to wear designers?”, she rolled her eyes and continued, “Yeah right. Anyway, I came to drop your cup of coffee and introduce myself because I’m your new employee. ”

“Oh really?”, he asked while finally sitting down and gesturing for her to also sit. ” I like to get to know my staff really well.”, he said in a really husky voice.

“Oh? And I like to keep my distance from my boss, so I’d stand thank you very much. “, she replied.

“Okay, if you choose to stand, I’d stand as well.”, he said and was attempting to stand when Ini sat.

“How old are you again?”, she asked rhetorically and looked at the table and continued, “Your coffee must be cold by now, should I get another?”

“Nah, I’m good but when I’m ready to go for lunch I’d call you.”, he replied grinning and continued, “But for now, were you briefed by Regina?”

“Reg.. Regina?”, she asked sounding confused.

“Yes, Regina. The receptionist? Didn’t you meet one?”

“Oh, I did. She just didn’t tell me her name, that’s why I was unsure. She only told me the CEO would brief me, meaning you’re to do it.”

“Oh. Am I? But first, let’s clarify something honey, I’m not the CEO but the acting CEO, okay? This is actually my first day at work, so I wasn’t told about any new employee till this morning but don’t worry I’d fix you up real good and make sure you never leave my sight.”, he winked.

At this point, Ini rolled her eyes.

“But for now, I’d want you to help me go through the company’s email and sort out my appointments for the week and get back to me? How’s that?”

“Okay sir”, she said standing up.

“No beautiful, let’s stick to Kunle ”

“Okay, Kunle.”, she said walking out, leaving him to admire her cute bum in the fitted skirt.

*** ****

Sylvia Omolade Otunba had just parked her car right in the company’s car park when she got a call from? guess who?

Her best friend, Kikelome Alonge.

“Hey, Kiks, what’s up? “, she said immediately she answered the call.

“Not much, I’m bored. Where are you? I was thinking maybe we could hang out or something”, she said

“Oh? Uhmm….. Right now? I’m at my dad’s company, I came to visit my brother cause he started work today but…..”

” Oh my goodness…”, Kike shrieked and asked, “he did?”

“Yup, good right? Who knows? Maybe he’d stay here after all”, Sylvia paused to smile then continue, ” As I was saying before you rudely interrupted, I came so he and I will go have lunch. I’m starving.”

” Oh really? Can I come? I’m super bored and I really wanted to spend the day with you because you’re my boyfriend till I actually find one. So please? “, kike asked in her pleading tone

“Yeah, I’m sure he won’t mind. Are you coming to the company or…”

“….I’m coming to the company. Infact I’m on my way.” Kike cut in.

“Okay, see you soon. Bye.”

“Bye baby, love you.”, Kike said right before the call got disconnected.

A few minutes later,

“Good afternoon ma”, Regina said as Sylvia walked into the lobby.

“Good afternoon dear, is my brother on seat?”, she asked while still trying to call the man for the umpteenth time but no response.

“Yes, he is ma. Should I tell his assistant to announce your arrival ma? ”

“Assistant? No thanks, I’m good.”, she said as she headed for the elevator.

Assistant?? No one told her about an assistant. I mean, the last time she checked, her dad didn’t have an assistant, she thought.

On getting to the CEO’s office, she noticed a new door had been put up.


“Hello”, she said as she walked into the new office space taking in the interior decoration and the mahogany desk and was surprised when she saw the lady behind the desk.

“You? Weren’t you the lady with my brother two nights ago? Uhmm….. Nima’s best friend right?”, Sylvia asked.

“Yes ma and I have a name it’s Iniobong Omotor.”, she said.

“Iniobong? I see…”, she said while accessing her from top to bottom and continued, ” So my brother’s babe is now his assistant. Smooth move. “, she said and was heading for the door leading to the CEO’s office

“I’m not his babe ma, nor do I plan to be. I just got a job offer and I took it… Ma”, Ini replied with a straight face.

“Sure, but you might be special for my brother to pull strings like this for you. I mean, look at the place, believe it or not, this place didn’t exist three days ago. So, I doubt this is a coincidence”, she said

“Well, I’m beyond shocked too ma.”

“I see….”, Kike said before she continued walking to the door and when she got to the door with her hand on the door handle, she looked back and said, “Iniobong, drop the ma bullshit. My name is Sylvia. A friend of Nima’s is my friend. ”

She got into the office and closed the door.

**** ****

I was beyond confused when Kunle’s sister, I mean Sylvia told me to address her by her name. A friend of Nima’s? She didn’t know that before? I thought a few minutes ago she was going to jump on my neck calling me her brother’s babe.


Her proud and arrogant brother who might even be a Yoruba demon with the way he shoots his shot every gaddemn time.

She smiled as she remembered the night in the garden.

Ugh. Iniobong, why are you smiling.

Gosh. He’s a man, remember. You hate them with every fibre of your being ever since that night.

“He’s a man and I hate men with every fibre of my being.”, I said under my breath.

Just as I was still giving myself the pep talk, a call came in.


Shit, I totally forgot to call him back since the party.

“Good afternoon Daddy, I know I forgot to …”, I said as I answered the call.

“Iniobong, Julia is dead. “, he said, rushing his words so I won’t feel the impact.

“Wait, what ?… Which Julia? Aunty Julia? Mums’ sister? How?… When ?…Why?… “, I said teary-eyed.

“Car accident. She and her husband, on her way to a wedding on Saturday.”

“Oh my God, is this a dream? I spoke to her a month ago or so. Dad, this is terri…..”

“Iniobong, you know what this means.”, her dead said and continued after a long pause, “You have to get Junior back he….”

“NO! No…omg, No.., I can’t, I won’t, I refuse to. I told you and Mum I didn’t want to have the baby five years ago, wanted to abort but you didn’t listen now I …..”

I was interrupted by a knock on the door and I quickly wiped my face, told my dad I’d call him back and tried to act all professional pressing God knows what on the Desktop.

“Come in”, I said in my most calm voice.

The door opened and in came that crazy person and if not that I was already in a mood, I’d have laughed so hard at the expression on her face when she saw me.

“You? Husband snatcher.”, the crazy woman said.

“Yes, ME”, I answered matter-of-factly.

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