Faceless - Episode 11

Kikelomo Alonge was beyond infuriated when she saw “the slimy husband stealing cockroach” behind the desk. If only she could just break her a little so she’d understand that she, Kikelomo isn’t playing games. Nah. She can’t stoop to a low level and play games with this social climber.

“You have one heck of a nerve woman”, Kike finally said after accessing her from top to bottom and wringing her nose in distaste.

Took a full minute for Kike to finally acknowledge the fact that the “cockroach” wasn’t going to reply her cause she kept on typing on the desktop. So Kike did what she deemed necessary and went to the back of her chair and turned off the desktop from the switch.

“Are you crazy? What did you do that for ?”, the cockroach yelled at Kike looking really infuriated.

“Crazy? Is that how you talk to your boss’s woman? You left me no choice especially when you refused to answer me. No one is ever rude to Kikelomo Alonge.”

Kike was stunned when the “cockroach” burst into laughter, she was even more confused when “the cockroach” just shook her head and said nothing but instead turned around to flip the switch.

The audacity.

“I’m not done with you, you…….”

“But I’m done with you… Ma!”, the cockroach said with so much boldness.

“I don’t know wh….”, Kike was interrupted by the door just as she was about to give the cockroach a piece of her mind.

“See, I told you I heard Kike’s voice. I would have actually placed that bet o, come let’s go back in and bet.”, Sophie said as she and Kunle walked out of his office.

On hearing that, Kikelomo quickly turned around to face them, wearing a perfect smile.

“Kunle!”, she said as she walked over to give him a hug. “I was just asking your s..s..staff here about you and Sophie, thought you people had left me.”

She stressed the word ‘Staff’ and rolled her eyes in her head when she said it.

“Okay, so you saw Kunle and didn’t see me right ?”, Sophie said

“Haba! No, it’s not my fault you’re short.”, Kike teased.

” wow. Wow! How are we friends again?”, Sophie said to kike, then turned to face Kunle and continued, “Aren’t we going again? I’m hungry and you’re just pressing phone.”

“Uhm.. Okay, we are taking your car so go to the car park, I’m right behind you. I just need to give instructions to my PA”

“Ugh. Ok, just be fast. I’m starving”, Sophie said as she dragged Kike by the arm, while Kike shot “the cockroach” daggers from her eyes.

**** ****

I could see the look in Sophie’s friend’s eyes as she was being dragged away but I could care less. I was even happy because I knew her mind won’t be at peace until Kunle was with her. A text alert tone came in to interrupt my thoughts:

You look so beautiful when you’re thinking about me.

Ugh. Kunle

” Did Glo just give you free airtime ?”, I asked as I finally looked up.

“Haha, your mouth only runs when we are the only ones in a room. You kept mute when we had company a while ago.”

” I was doing my job, the work you instructed me to do so I rarely have time to not mind my business.”

“Hmm, I see”, he said and walked over to her desk and sat on her table right in front of her and said, ” You have a sharp mouth for someone with such beautiful lips, and I don’t know why I find you captivating as hell. But I’d find out tonight, when you come to dinner with me.”

I was perplexed because at first when he was talking about my lips, for a brief moment I thought he was going to kiss me but instead he asked me to dinner.

“Aw sorry. I have plans tonight. Take plan B or C, I’m sure you have many options. ”

“Plans? With?”

For a split second, I was going to call Nima’s name till I remembered that he would definitely say I should come with her so without thinking…

“My man”, I blurted out.

He looked shocked

“Your man?”

And I replied, “Yes, My man.”


“Huh?”, I asked.

“He doesn’t have a name?”

“Oh,…er Samuel”

“Oh, I see. Well, I have to go now. You should eat too.”, he said as he stood up from the table and headed for the door.

“Yea, when I’m done.”

“Oh! And one more thing, I’d see you and your boyfriend at dinner tonight.”

On saying that he left, leaving me dumbfounded. What type of mess is this?

**** ****

Nima was just getting into the house from the grocery store when she heard her ringtone, she quickly dropped the shopping bags and checked her handbag for her phone and rolled her eyes on seeing the caller ID;


“Aren’t you meant to be at work ?”, Nima asked as soon as she answered the call.

“Of course I am. Work, not prison. I can still call you.”

On hearing that, Nima laughed.

“Okay, what’s up girl? Wait, is it time for lunch already?”, she asked looking at her watch.

“Yeah it is, and I think I have fucked up. I may or may not have lied today.”

“Ah! Gist. Hold it, I’m on my way to yours so we can go for lunch and you’d tell me all about your screw up.”, Nima said as she ended the call and left the apartment.

**** ****

Mrs Gloria Otunba was having lunch alone at Casper and Gambinis restaurant in VI alone, scrolling through the gossip blogs and smiling to herself. Thinking about how her life and her family were falling into place. Kunle was already running the company, who knows? He might even like it and stay, rather than go to Canada. Then he’d have to marry Omoti Johnson at whatever cost to avoid the storm that’d emerge especially from her mother, Abigail Johnson.

That woman had gone from her alibi to a thorn in her flesh honestly and Gloria was tired. Still deep in thoughts, she was interrupted when someone pulled one of the chairs in her table and sat down across from her.

Speaking of the devil

“Abigaiiiiil”, Gloria said flashing her the fakest of smiles and stood to give her a hug.

“Hello darling, I was having lunch with my book club members over there when I spotted you and I decided to say hi to my inlaw”, Abigail said in her fake Oyinbo accent, once they were both seated

“Aw, that’s so thoughtful of you. How are the family and business ?”, she asked, not that she really cared tho.

“My dear, everyone is fine. And the company? It’s booming. We can’t complain”, Abigail said and laughed immediately.

Gloria laughed as well, a very fake laughter.

“That’s good, I’m happy for you. You deserve the best.”, Gloria said and continued eating.

“Um, Gloria. Haven’t I seen your son at my house? Isn’t a son-inlaw supposed to be at his in-laws house at least once in a while?”

“Ahan, Abigail. Your child just got back, and as for my son. He just started working in the company today, let’s give them time. He’d …”

“Time? I don’t have time.”, Abigail cut in, raising her voice a bit.

“Abigail, you’re shouting and we are in public abeg. Control yourself.”, Gloria said

Now Abigail laughed and continued, ” Control myself? Sweety, you couldn’t control yourself years ago and now you’re giving me advice.”

As soon as Abigail said that, Gloria almost choked on her food.

“Ore mi, you didn’t have to talk about the past.”

“Gloria Otunba, listen to me and open your ears. I don’t care how you do it or what you do, your son must marry Omoti, my daughter and he must look interested. If it’s to break his head and put her inside, I don’t care.”

“….but”, Gloria cut in.

“… I’m not finished. I want it done as soon as possible, if not. Hmmm, the whole world that you basically live for, that you always want to impress will know what happened ten years ago to be precise.”, she said as she stood up.

“Is that a threat Abigail Johnson?”, Gloria asked

“Threat? Of course not, it’s just a friendly reminder.”, and with that, she left the table leaving Gloria mortified.

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