Now I know why my husband is crazy over his side chick.

I always wondered why he moaned her name when we were at our body games, why he didn’t look at me the same way he did when I spilt his drink ten years ago when we met.

I mean what could be compared to the beautiful children, home, subtlety, and submissiveness I’d given? I heard these things nourish a man’s ego robust enough to pin him down. What was I doing amiss?


I had heard about her, seen her in pictures but never really in person.

But tonight, at the governor’s send forth dinner, I saw her up close. I saw what he so cherished, what I could never be.

Her eyes were dark, like whisky, something to lure you into sin, and slanted, almost like the popular Islam moon. She had the pear-shaped body, fuller in her lower part. Her skin was honey, for colour and durability.

She hit the nail on the head when she spoke; her sultry voice and the content of her speech filled the room, a lady overly grounded in her field. She had a curt remark for anyone who spoke to her, short replies that stung like shots of tequila. I saw him lock eyes with her a good number of times.

She knew I knew about them together. She batted her curved eyes at me and gave a slow smirk to mock me. I would never possess such courage if I were in her pricey shoes.

Even I fell in love with her briefly.

About The Author

AtonementAnaba Elizabeth Ezenwanyi is an educator, a linguist, a child rights activist, and a writer who goes by the pseudonym “Schwa”. She hails from Abia state in Eastern Nigeria.

Since the discovery of her writing gift, she has dedicated her ink and paper to works, both fiction and nonfiction, concentrating on global topics such as molestation/rape, gender issues, violence, child abuse, death, and love.

Elizabeth runs a foundation which helps rural children acquire literacy skills. She also runs a blog on Medium where she posts some of her works.