A few years back…


Maami told me to wipe my tears, that the rains would soon come. The little light green grasses would begin to spring from the softened soil and the ground that was cracked open by months of tormenting sunshine without a single drop of rain would be blanketed with green, the colour of life.


Maami said I would see the Cedar tree grow again. I haven’t seen one since the last one dried up and was cut down early last year. She said the lilies would grow again, and the hibiscuses so we could decorate the parlour again. My four-year-old mind couldn’t quite remember what a lily looked like, but the smell was strong in my nostrils. I missed that smell.


Hmm, Maami said we wouldn’t have to be using “vah-si-lin” again to cover the cracks on our leather-textured skin. The rains would soon come and our skin would be fine again. Our lips wouldn’t have to be two colours again, the natural black and the faint red of peeled skin.


My Maami. She told me that we wouldn’t have to wait two days before Bodija, the truck owner would drive his rickety old truck that had fallen apart more times than it had seen the road, to the other side of the hills to get us water to cook. We hardly even had our bath anymore. The rains were coming, she always said.




The sky changed colour and a thin rope flew across it, flashing light. The sky roared angrily. First drop…second drop…


Bukola tapped the lifeless body beside her.

“Maami, the rains are here.”

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My name is Kingsley-Ediale Divine, a 300 level Mass Communication student of the University of Lagos. I love writing, it’s something I do whenever I feel uneasy, it calms me and makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. I’m quite reserved but love meeting people and exploring new places. I’m quite a conversationalist, I enjoy talking to a large crowd and hope to one day become an on-air personality, author a book and travel the world. I have a weakness for good music.

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