Becca banged the gate the third time. The sun was at its best, hence she was very hot and uncomfortable in her thick cotton cardigan.
“Where’s the gate man?” she asked no one in particular. A shout to come for prayer was heard from a mosque nearby. Bosun shouldn’t be home till about three, which gave her one hour to rehearse how she would break the news to him.
Safiu, opened the gate after what seemed like forever. “Madam, oga no dey”
Becca looked at him questioningly. “So, since when did that stop me from entering his house?”
“Madam, my master say make I no allow you enter the house when you come.”
Tears gathered in Becca’s eyes as the meaning of what Safiu said hit her. Tim must have given him that instruction. She silently asked for strength to handle the situation even as she struggled not to fall apart in front of the gateman.
“But Safiu, I need to see him, can I just wait somewhere in the compound?”
Safiu looked at her with pity but didn’t bulge.
Just as she was about to settle on a large stone near the gate, she heard the hunk of Bosun’s car. “Oh God, please keep Tim out of this conversation today,” she prayed audibly as the car pulled by her.
Bosun jumped out of the car and ran towards her, “Becca, are you alright? Why are you sitting in the sun? Didn’t Safiu open the gate for you to enter? My love you look sick, what did the doctor say?”
He lifted her in his arms and carried her towards the gate. Tears clouded Becca’s eyes as her heart longed for him, the man she loved. “I’m pregnant”, she said slowly as they entered the gate.
You’re what?” he said as he dropped her on her feet.
His eyes started twitching and he began to shake. “God, please not Tim, please keep Tim away today, take him away,” she said under her breath even as her knees gave way.
Tim is the crude alter ego of Bosun. Her boyfriend has been dealing with multiple personality disorder for years and she has secretly named each personality. She named his soft side after her late father Bosun and the bad one after her dog Tim.
As she was about to hit the floor, his arms caught her “That is great news love, the greatest news ever”.
Becca looked towards heaven and smiled just before she closed her eyes in fatigue.






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Very gracious. Mika is your everyday girl with a rare mind that can only fit into a petite body, a beautiful soul and flourishing body.