He tossed and tossed around for so long that he was forced to sit up. He was covered in sweat despite the maddening rush of the ceiling fan above. He turned to his side and looked at his beautiful wife who was fast asleep and her left hand was positioned in a way that makes it obvious that she was reaching out for her husband. Her gradually-protruding belly was enough to bring smiles to his face but not tonight. He was too unsettled for that. As much as he was glad that he was going to be a father soon, his mind was in disarray. He knew sleep would elude him for many nights to come until the matter is solved, and that does not seem to be anytime soon. What ideal solution is there to help sort out a case like that? His head has been pounding with a multitude of thoughts that have left him almost unable to think coherently. Some were simply illogical. Others were outright absurdities. None was close to the borders of reasonability. The matter at hand was tearing him apart and the worst part was that he knew without being told that he brought it upon himself. Neither his enemies nor the devil was responsible. He, Akinola, brought it upon himself.

His father used to say that a wise man sees trouble ahead and makes a retreat but the foolish man beats his chest and walks right into his undoing. Akin wondered if the latter part of that proverb has not caught up with him. He knew his father would be utterly disappointed. He remembered a man, one of his father’s close friends, who had fallen into a similar predicament like his. It took the intervention of his father and a handful of other respected men to restore sanity to a situation that was on the very edge of chaos. Even at that, it was not entirely over. Such was the gravity of the issue. That night, his father called him and implored Akin to steer clear of such unpleasantness in the future, for it brings nothing but shame to whoever is involved. What then will his father say when he hears this?

He cast his mind back to the day he confided in his close friend and business colleague. They have just concluded a meeting with a client who required the services of the two friends for a project that was quite bigger than what any of them could singlehandedly take on. The moment the client took his leave, Akin pulled Jimi aside to a secluded part of their joint workshop. He needed to talk to someone fast.

Jimi was surprised at his friend’s rough pull, but the look on Akin’s face did not escape him. He knew something was wrong. Akin wasted no time in divulging his predicament. Jimi was speechless. He looked at his friend and told him point blank that he has invited nothing but trouble. Later on, that day, while resting at home with his own family, Jimi suddenly knew the reason behind Akin’s sudden disappearances from the workshop for hours on some days. And whenever he gets back, he wouldn’t say where he was coming from. He felt sorry for his friend. This is one disaster waiting patiently to happen. The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that truly, the heart of man is deep. He would have vouched that Akin was not capable of such. To an extent, he modelled his life and marriage after that of his friend. Jimi was weakened by the entire story. He wasn’t even sure if he could tell his wife. He had told her three times within an hour that all was well. She had noticed he was not really himself. Eventually, she probed no further….

Akin tried to sleep again but images of her kept coming into his mind. He could see her, smell her, feel her, the very scent that first made him forget his home training and then his moral values. He still remembered the first time he looked at her the way a man looks at a woman, the eyes contact, the body language, the unspoken words. He still remembered how he was drawn to her sensuality, her voluptuousness, her softness. At first, he had his lust in check. But the throbbing beneath his trousers became unbearable. The feeling in his loins was screaming for expression. He could no longer resist. He could not keep his hands and fingers and tongue off. He could not make a retreat. He just went with the flow, lived in the moment, savoured the present. He remembered that they promised each other that it will never happen again. But it did. They promised each other again. It still did. The older had no sense to stop. The younger had no sense to not yield. And they carried on, albeit discreetly.

Their first time together had been in his matrimonial bed, this very bed. But that thought was very far from his mind on that day. Instead, he busied himself with pleasuring her in ways she will never forget. That had been his promise to her before they got down to business. She had laughed and assured him that she was equally going to make him remember her for the rest of his life. He had joked that the only person he wanted to remember all his days was his wife, a statement that earned him a warning look, meaning that his wife should never be brought up whenever they are together. It almost ruined the moment, but Akin quickly appeased her by promising to give her the money she requested for. Instantly, she became cheerful again, and they continued….

In the dead of night, wide awake and greatly troubled, Akin bit his finger in regret. He turned again to look at his curvaceous wife sleeping soundly. How in the world does he tell her that her younger sister is also pregnant for him?

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