A story about the kidnap of the CHIBOK girls from Nigeria by the terrorist sect, Boko Haram….taking you back to the period where everyone ranted “bring back our girls”!


Writer’s Bio 

Samantha Mahmood also known as Bella Truth, is a writer, visionary and an aspiring musician. I am of student of Sunway University, Malaysia and I am inspired by my experiences in life and the conviction that I was born to impact my world.

I have had the privilege of publishing one of my short stories in a novel titled Twisted Tax Tales a project for the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal and I am one of the anchors of the podcast On Air With BellaTruth, (on soundcloud) a podcast that focuses on student life in college and languages. You can follow my blog at bellascorner on wordpress and you can find me on Instagram @Samantha Mahmood.

Download the ebook by clicking on this link: Diary of The Chibok Girls