Free Ebook Download, Tenderfoot, a novel by Noya Sedi.

Tenderfoot is a book that follows the first year of a pampered upper-middle-class city girl in a Northern University in Nigeria. However, such a simple description does no justice in explaining the themes this book delves into. Do you like character-driven, slice of life, coming of age stories with relatable protagonists? Do you like your fiction with a healthy dose of social commentary that questions and deconstructs the fallacies and contradictions of modern day society? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Tenderfoot is the book for you. Here, the main character learns from experience and matures, without reducing the supporting characters to plot devices; here, society is called out without the ‘soapboxing’ or heavy-handedness we see in too many literary works. Tenderfoot doesn’t impose moral lessons on its readers; this book never tries to tell you what to think, rather, it lays all the cards on the table and forces you to make a choice.

About The Author
Noya Sedi is a writer, columnist and content creator. Her work spans several genres and themes. A storyteller in every sense of the word, Noya Sedi’s work has been featured on both local and foreign platforms including and to name a few.
She recently released her eBook, Tenderfoot, and plans to release its sequel in early 2018.
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