“Scribbled On A Broken Heart” is a short compilation of poems Ufana Ishoyor put together during a trying time in her life. Here’s an excerpt:


Tales told by the cosmos to drive a course-must while we slumber and turn-toss, stories revealed by the mystery in a bid to make less complex the unwinding universe around, the fluctuate galaxy that we’ve found ourselves.
Visions; an interpretation of the world around by the world within, an interpretation that was prelude for the suicide of a time unknown, suffocating uncertainty and burying choices, making gay the straight pathway that leads to endless possibilities, ordering the death of dreams and awakening the fear of a surreal existence, a fear of the future, a fear of the inexistent.
Vision; a divine revelation of the future, the divine’s idea of an intervention. Stop, Move, Stop. For now, these visions are but merely traffic signs for life, traffic signs of life. Move, Stop, Move, Yours isn’t yours anymore, for after all; You adhere to what you see, You are what the visions say you are.



Download the full ebook through the link below. Do have a great read.

Scribbled On A Broken Heart