Good poetry is borne out of deep emotions, and not frustration. Don’t fret if you’re a bit stumped for ideas for your next poem, because you’d be amazed at the things, places or people that you can draw inspiration from. Also, try not limit these ideas to poems alone. You can apply them to essays, blog posts, short stories, etc. Here we go.

Write a poem for your loved one using only words that are formed from the letters of their name.

Use all the letters of the English alphabet i.e A-Z to start a poem.

Develop poems from book titles. Just like The Ultimate April Challenge hosted by us, where poets were required to create poems from the title of Tolu Akinyemi’s book ‘Dead Lions Don’t Roar’ 

Make list of inanimate objects e.g ‘My Shoe‘ ‘My Diary‘ and choose one to write about, then compare the object chosen to be written on to anything you can think of (simile)
For example, you can compare the object to:

  • Dramatic situations
  • Works of art (archaic/modern)
  • ‎Public figures
  • ‎Events
  • Fruits
  • Different personalities
  • State of mind
    E.g ‘Natural Hair and The Resilience of a Black Woman’

Write a poem using punctuation marks. Full stop (.) brings you to a halt, (?) Probes the status quo, and so on.

Reminisce on your childhood and write on something you wish you’d done or experienced.

Think about a trending topic and write a poem giving an unpopular opinion.

Try something spontaneous. Tune in to your favourite radio station and write a poem based on the first song you hear.

Social media can inspire you too. Log in to any of your accounts and write a poem in response to someone’s post or picture.

Write a poem in form of a ‘Letter‘ to anyone or anything. E.g death, darkness, the sun, etc

Do you love shopping? Write about your last trip to the local market and your observations of the ‘market life.’ Then compare it with that of the supermarket or mall.

Write about things or issues people seldom write on e.g rape, sexuality, the supernatural, religion, etc.

Observe nature; animal life, beach, weather and the likes, and write a poem from your observation.

Do leave a comment! We’d like to know the poems you come up with using these ideas.