So many times, people just see the good parts of writing or writers that are projected on social media or magazines and what have you. Writing is serious business, and writers face their own share of how unpleasant or pleasant  (as the case may be) it can get. Everything is not always as it seems, there’s more behind-the-scenes to those great books and their creators than you can imagine. If you’re a writer, you’ll no doubt find these things to be true and relatable.

  1. Times will come when you have to be your own hype man.
  2. The people closest to you may not take you seriously. “Go look for a proper job and stop carrying book up and down.”
  3. Writing can be such hard work.
  4. You’ll face rejection from publishers.
  5. Publishing a book is not easy.
  6. Your ‘imaginary friends’ (a.k.a writer’s block) will desert you more often than you’d like.
  7. Your real friends may not grasp your constant need for solitude.
  8. Laziness/procrastination is your greatest threat to greatness.
  9. People look at you with admiration, but what they don’t know is the last time you wrote (should we tell them?).
  10. You read some books and self-doubt stealthily creeps in.
  11. All your weeks/months of typing could be gone with one wrong click on your phone/laptop. God help you if a rodent gets hold of your manuscript!
  12. You are your biggest critic.
  13. You hate it, but you couldn’t live without it, hence you love it – writing.
  14. “I’ll write it down later” has killed many of your best works, because that crucial thought or idea is gone forever.
  15. Inspiration can come from the most unlikely sources.
  16. You’re conscious of spelling; if a word is proving too difficult to spell, you change it entirely.
  17. Being a good writer isn’t ever enough. Ever.
  18. The get-rich-fast syndrome doesn’t apply here.

This doesn’t change the fact that being a writer is one of the best options anyone can choose as a career path. Passion will drive you, and you’ll learn to ride.

We care!