The “Everyone Has a Story” literary commission is an opportunity we think you should grab, as it spans from March till July, 2019, whereby $1,000 is awarded to one writer for five extraordinary stories every month till July.
This commission was initiated by Loose Media (LM), in collaboration with the African Artist’s Foundation (AAF). It is dedicated to empowering writers of all backgrounds to express themselves in unorthodox ways. 
By partnering with with AAF, winning stories will be brought to life via offline exhibitions at their monthly open mic initiative, Talk your Own.
Although, the March edition’s been concluded, there are still opportunities for the rest of the stipulated months (April-July).

Here is what is outlined for April:

Email 400-600 words on any of these unorthodoxed topics:

  • Child Abuse
  • Prostitution 
  • Mortality
  • Drug Abuse
  • Fame

to by April 18th 11:59pm

• Must be 18+ age to enter

• Each story must be sent in PDF format and must be on separate PDF files

• Submission must include the following necessary information: Author’s Full name,  Age, Phone Number, Location (city, state and country) and Instagram Handle.

• All stories and important information must be sent in one email submission; applicants that submit stories in a different email thread or repeated email threads will be automatically disqualified.

• All decisions made by the judge regarding the winners are final. 

• By clicking submit you agree to the terms and conditions. 

• Winners are subject to only one of the five grants. 

• Grant rules are subject to change.


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