Well, hi there African Writers! It’s that time of the year again, as Quramo Publishing Limited is officially accepting entries for Quramo Writers’ Prize 2019(QWP 2019)!
The Quramo Writers’ Prize is an African Award for new and emerging writers, which aims to encourage and stimulate a new community of talented writers. It’s an opportunity for otherwise unexposed talent to achieve publishing recognition and encouragement.

Last year, Michael Emmanuel took home the top prize for his entry, Running Waters, which is currently being developed into a novel by QPL (to be published later this year).
For QWP 2019,  the stakes are being raised and unpublished authors are being invited to submit a novella manuscript, with a minimum word count of 30,000 words.
Each entry must be an original, unpublished work of fiction.


Entries are being accepted, starting today, April 16, 2019. 

The deadline for submissions is July 15, 2019.


The Quramo Writers’ Prize is open to Africans living within and outside the continent 
The manuscript must be the original, unpublished work of the entrant. Published work is not eligible for the prize
Manuscripts must be at least 30,000 words. All entries outside this requirement are liable for disqualification
All entries must be submitted electronically to the Quramo website in the following format:

  1. MS Word file
  2. Times New Roman font
  3. Size 12 font
  4. Left justified with 1.5 spacing

 • All submissions must be sent in with the following information:

  1.   A 150-word synopsis
  2.  A short biography of the author
  3. Social media page(Twitter, Instagram, etc)

This is mandatory.

  Full (legal) name

  Physical address

  Email address

  Phone number

> Word Count

A novella manuscript Prize, the word count should be a minimum of 30,000 words.
> Genre

> Entry Requirements

Unpublished writers who have not had a novel published before. They can have stories, essays and other works published online or in anthologies. Must be African adults (over 18) and must write in English.
> Media/Writing Prize

The winner of the Quramo Writers’ Prize will receive a cash prize, a possible development contract for their manuscript and will represent Quramo Publishing for one term year on social media, interviews and elsewhere as determined by QPL. To determine the final winner, a 2-day workshop with the top ten will be arranged to create the final judging criteria required to represent QPL.

NOTE: Manuscripts submitted to the QWP should not have been entered into any other prizes running concurrently. Prior entries for the inaugural QWP are also ineligible

Identifying information (name, address, etc) should not be included on the pages of the manuscript.

To Apply, click here