The Commonwealth Short Story Prize is awarded annually for the best piece of unpublished short fiction from the Commonwealth. Each year the judges select five winning writers who share a total prize money of £15,000. The overall winner receives £5,000, one of the highest amounts for an international prize for unpublished short stories. Regional winners receive £2,500.

The shortlist was chosen from 5081 entries from 50 Commonwealth countries, and includes two translations into English, one from Greek and one from Malay.

Nightfall, Emma Ashmere (Australia)
A Hurricane and the Price of Fish, Shakirah Bourne (Barbados)
Resurrection, Hilary Dean (Canada)
• Miss Coelho, English Teacher, Kiran Doshi (India)
The Night of Hungry Ghosts, Sarah Evans (UK)
The Ol’ Higue on Market Street, Kevin Garbaran (Guyana)
Madam’s Sister, Mbozi Haimbe (Zambia)
Pengap, Lokman Hakim (Malaysia), translated by Adriana Nordin Manan

Screaming, Harley Hern (New Zealand)

Oats, Rashad Hosein (Trinidad and Tobago)
Deserted, Erato Ioannou (Cyprus)
Amid the Winds and Snow, Tyler Keevil (Canada)

Extinction, Alex Latimer (South Africa)

My Mother Pattu, Saras Manickam (Malaysia)

The Blessing of Kali, Irene Muchemi-Ndiritu (Kenya)

Love-life, Nuzha Nuseibeh (UK)

The Bride, Adorah Nworah (Nigeria)

Bluey, Maria Samuela (New Zealand)
Death Customs, Constantia Soteriou (Cyprus), translated by Lina Protopapa
How to Marry an African President, Erica Sugo Anyadike (Tanzania)

Granma’s Porch, Alexia Tolas (The Bahamas)