RATING: 3.5 out of 5.

To be honest, I was quite unsure and skeptical when I picked up a copy of Pyrokardia’s “Broken Wishbones & Empty Spaces”. While I am a huge fan of literature and poetry, I have always found it very hard to relate to African writers. It always seems like most of them are in a struggle to sound complex. So imagine my surprise when I leafed through the first few pages of this book and I wasn’t confused or anywhere near dumping the book on the shelf.

Pyrokardia’s “Broken wishbones & empty spaces” is a collection of poetry and short prose that leaves you aching for more. The author talks about love, heartaches and loss from such a personal point of view that we are forced to imagine ourselves in such situations. I was leafing through this book and was consistently feeling a range of emotions. At some point, I would be heartbroken, at another in love and another sad. Here is what I’m trying to say, the author words forced me to feel.

The book is written in free verse and the author language straightforward. The book is a total of 129 pages (Acknowledgements, author note, contents included) with a poem per page.

Some of my favorite pieces in this book include:

1.             Sometimes the words “I’m tired”

                are not break up lines

                I’m simply just tired of loving you

                but never getting loved in return

                tired of waiting

                holding on, hoping you’ll change

                sometimes the word “it’s over”

                is said in the hopes

                that you won’t actually let it be over.

2.            Words may not break your bones

               but they can slip beneath your skin

               and rip your soul to shreds.

3.           At night

              it rains

              my pillows

              get soaked

              and my despair

              grows ever deeper.


All in all, I wasn’t disappointed and I definitely will be reading this book again sometime in the future.

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Disclaimer: This article is not an endorsement but a review. No money was exchanged for this book to be reviewed and the above is just the opinion of the writer.


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