RATING: 4 out of 5.

Title: Stakes Change of Hearts.

Author: Habibat Aminu

Publication Date: 15/May/2015.

Page No: 155


It is no new news that my favourite genre of literature is poetry, so it takes a really good author to get me to fall in love with a book in any of the other genres.

“Stakes Change Of Heart” is a short story fiction which was beautifully written, romantic, intriguing and laced with a bit of suspense.

I will be honest when I first picked up this book; I was quite tempted to drop it off. The continuous use of complex sentences was a turn off for me. There was also a few misuse of tenses once in a while but my major dislike was the authors rush for characters. I felt the author did not take time in easing the readers into a particular character, before shoving another one at us. At a point, I speculated getting up from my bed to get a pen and paper so as to write down the different characters names, but laziness did not let me. So I told myself to let time do its work, and I was right.

As I kept on reading, not only was able to relate to the characters, but I was genuinely enjoying myself. I found each page an adventure, and I was very eager to turn to next page.

The story centres on forgiveness. What exactly is the price of forgiveness to you? Will you truly refuse to grant it if it is all that is standing between you and love? I also find Akinola character really interesting. Even though he claims to want to be friends with Dipo, I think he still has the hots for Tunmishe, hence his subtle moves on her and refusal to give Tunmishe Dipo’s number during their fight.

All in all, I found the book highly interesting and entertaining. Below is an excerpt:

All of a sudden, Tunmishe felt alone. What was she doing? This was the height of it. Was she so desperate that she would come to a party with her mum? Kids above five don’t even do that anymore and she was what? Twenty-eight? Where the hell was Akinola anyways? He better be worth all this trouble now that she was regretting it.

“Tunmishe?” Someone asked a bit unsurely above her head.

Yeah, this was Akinola’s party anyway. People from her high school were bound to come and they would recognize her. She looked up and the person looked so familiar. “Akinola?” She asked, uncertainly.

{“My my. It’s really you.” He said and swooped in for a hug. “Look at you. Wow. I can’t believe this. You look gorgeous.” He complimented.

She couldn’t believe she didn’t even recognize the person she spent her time and money for. He still looked handsome but he didn’t stir those butterflies in her tummy anymore. She just kept staring at his smiling face with this dead weight in her stomach. Aaawwwww man. Nothing. Bleh. No spark. No interest. None whatsoever. All she felt was a friendly, feeling like when you see an old classmate. Nooooo! With all, she went through with Melody. Something had to be wrong with her. Oh, how she wished. Maybe she was a lesbian?} p.32


Disclaimer: This article is not an endorsement but a review. No money was exchanged for this book to be reviewed and the above is just the opinion of the writer.

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