She fell on her knees
Pleading with him
To stay with her
For he was all she had.
Choking back tears,
She said out loud
‘Honey we can work this out
I promise to do my best
By being there
Just give me more time’
He stood with arms folded
With a defiant look
He left without a word
For the other woman
With whom he lived
His secret life
She was shattered
Into several fragments
Which made her tears
Like a flowing river
With many tributaries
Till it went dry
And she went into a trance
That made her drift into sleep
With a bizarre dream
That lasted several hours
After which she awoke
Wondering the time of day
Then she realized
It was past midnight.
She tried to figure
How she had slept
On the bare floor
Without even knowing
Then it all came back
That she was left heartbroken



Writer’s Bio

Hi, I’m Abraham Ofili a creative writer that loves penning his thoughts and imagination into words. I’m never far from my pen and notepad.