I’m running…

I’m running, I said to myself.

I’m running from an imagination of horror,

Running to a safe haven in my head

The world is still, motion is an illusion 

People, plants all gone.

I keep running only to get to a destination,

Finding out that fragments of me are left in the places visited,

And my imagination, a glimpse of my nearest future.

I’m still running, I said,

Away from the ever-confusing track events in my life,

Steady flow of worthlessness

And the slow induction of pain

Only to meet it all again, inviting me

To another segment of the just concluded. 

Yet, I’m still running

Hoping to see a light

That sparks inconspicuous hope

And an infinitesimal amount of life.

I will keep running

Till the curtain of darkness are pulled down,

And the shout of victory covers us all.

I am running but not from my fears anymore

But into my beautiful new!

About the Author

My name is Obla Mami Emmanuella. I am a 400 level student of Landmark University with a major in Civil Engineering. I am a people person and love getting into activities that help me interact more. I am passionate about words and how they can mean so much and affect the lives of people in general.