They say it denotes evil.
I say:
It is the cloak of the night,
Concealing good and bad under the sun.
It is the inconspicuous uniqueness of our African race.

They say it lacks lustre.

I say:
Only stars dare shine in it’s presence.
It is beauty glorified in our colourful heritage,
It is audacious and complete in itself.

They say it is ‘plain’
I say:
It is an enigma to myopic minds,
It is distinctive and classy,

It exudes an aura of simple-complexity.
It is a symbol pregnant with diverse significance.

They say it should be toned

I say:
It is my skin never losing it’s essence,
It is my hair crowning me in an elegant halo,
It is what I am made of,
It is a colour –
my favourite colour.




Writer’s Bio 

Nwaobiala Susan is a girl with soul, writer and art enthusiast. The rest develops daily.

You can connect with her via: Instagram: @girlwith_soul