Lagos Danfo,



A Moving coffin,

Do not plunge us to our death

Human swamped like bees.

Up and down you go,

Tail wiggling like Oregon trail

Lagged to one side like a hen with coccidiosis.

Zero patience,

You always try to overtake,

Go between lines,

Break every rule;

Traffic signs like an anathema,

Uniform men do not scare you,

There must always be a way,

You must find one.

It’s a crazy city we live in,

But you have endured

Rain and sunshine 

Life has thrown at you;

Like a rock,

You stay wielded to the last end,

Each piece recycled to birth a new one,

Hence, your shining Yellow color

 I admire your tenacity,

Your ability to withstand all odd.

Wires entwined like a piece of puzzle

Please take us to our destination

The journey isn’t always an easy ride

But we await on you,

We hope you get us to our sea shores

With your unique color and shape

With your battered and abused body

You still have a way of making a whole for you to move on.

But how did you come about your name?

Who called you DANFO?


About the Author

Oyedeji Ololade Aramide is a graduate of Industrial relations, who loves reading and writing.