I loved you.. I think I still do
Life without you only has prospects of gloom
My first true friend even before I learned to say Amen
You were my sunshine and the storm that came rolling after
You bring smiles to my lips and drug me with your bliss
Till I feel heady and all my dreams seem real
But that’s the problem.. The fact that I love you too much
To look in the mirror and reflect your wants
I learned to keep you to myself, afraid of people’s jests
To exist outside of you, that I couldn’t dare
Now you remain my only armory so I must rock you like a vest
Though it’s hard to expose you, the kryptonite, to my self
I have to look you in the eye and make you my strength
For one thing is sure, You and I can never part
So it’s high time you became the ends and not just my end
I love you dear X,
now I must prove it to you.



I drank poison
It tasted so sweet, I forgot how to live


You were high on the shelf
I was a child with no friend
I climbed through saw dust and cobwebs
To drown my despair in you
You, a little bottle labeled X
I took a gulp and I died since then.



Dear X,
I’m sorry I killed our child
I didn’t mean for her to cross the line
backwards into my womb;
the ink in my pen
Now memories of her are but a blank page


Like Hannah wept before the Lord for a child
So did I, for you my child




Writer’s Bio 

My name is Ibekwe Uzoma, and I love to think. My mind is my safe haven. Growing up, I found it difficult to fully express myself verbally, so poetry became my voice. It still is. I write stories and I also do spoken word. Personally, I believe there is no limit to my channels of expression, as long as it is writing, I can do it.