On this day,

At exactly this moment

In this space

In this openness

Where I cannot even feel my body

Or think beyond this variation 

of colours

of the loud beat

that turns my body into its eternal slave.
This timeless vastness

of sounds, and rhythm,

Where my body loses shape,

and is transformed into a beat

Transported to another time

Another space,

Where it’s captive to the sound of lyrics

and the melody of the piano
A time,

Where the strings of the guitar are the only hands

Carelessly, wrapping my powerless stance,

Drawing truly the insanity of my soul

This striking hour,

where my body lets the entire beat enter into my soul,

and reveal the kind of animal I am,

where I make imaginary love

to each beat, each rhythm, each note

Like a drunk,

I am, only on to this sound

that heals and breaks me all at once.

This space,

where you may call it an escape

this shock wave,

that charges at my body

And turns me into a helpless intoxicated wing

My face disappears,

my body evaporates

Whenever I am in this space

of loud beats, lyrics, and rhythm.

I just die in my dance

and let this space,

this vastness

Swallow all of me


About the Author

I am a south african writer/poet, a free spirited creative and lover of spoken word, to many people I am known as Malebo Kgomongwe