The list of things that broke her were 

 1. Lies
 2. Betrayal 
 3. Love

It’s always crazy ending a relationship on the phone.
Standing motionless / watching the fan turns the wind into a ball

Life went & came back in the bulb 

Your bones got filled with darkness / your body got older than the night standing outside the door.

You read an old newspaper you abandoned two years ago, 

play puzzles / read obituary of a girl that strangled her tears into blood.

You gave her breath / you learnt how to die by reading old suicide stories.

Nobody thought you how to be strong / You experienced heartbreak at the age of nineteen,
so you felt like a stone against the car tyre; stopping it from chasing sunlight down the sloping road

4:23PM, today you got robbed alone in your bed room 
Cyanide pills / poem / letter, and a body were the pictures we took when the robber left with your breath.


 About the Author

Jeremy T. Karn is a poet from Monrovia, Liberia, currently an undergraduate student. He writes basically about pain, abuse, and the loneliness. He can be reached through his email jkarn209@gmail or Instagram __jeremy_Karn__