Busy people, crowded streets,

Happy faces masking feats,

Behind the calm is a wildfire.

Behind that smile you’ll find empty sighs.

Tired souls crying in silence

as injustice covers the scenes.

Where poverty lurks not in the dark 

but in the spark of broad daylight,

With faded colors and scars

Only a victim can describe.

The flames that burns

away from prying eyes,

The lips that sing behind closed doors

where even cassava flakes

find no succour from the wrap

of flavoured scented stews.

A child born with joy

to a father with nothing to own,

Homes with mixed emotions,

Happiness fenced with walls of sadness,

A lot is hidden behind the scenes

of every home, smiles and tears

What keeps the soul in one piece

A soul with no hope in a stormy weather,

A thread of hope, a needle of chance

A stitch brimming with life 

To hold its pieces together

The sun will shine again

At another chance, another day


About the Author

Woli Bukola Kafilah is a Nigerian based Scientist and writer who resides at Agunbiade area, sango, Ilorin, kwara state. She loves to read and play volleyball. She wants to bring to life the little things we as humanity might have given up on, help understand to see the beauty in the things that hurt us, hoping to reach someone so they know they are not alone.