Drapes, heavy yet transparent hide me from my shame,

Guilt and secret pleasures

Separate but within view

How can I be so good yet so bad?

How do I douse these flames of adventure?

I question my thoughts

They seem to oppose each other

I want to be good and bad

My feelings act against me


My hegemony is my appetite for the finer things of life

All the trappings

It has to be me being celebrated

I want to be at the centre,

But here I am hiding

So I walk out from behind the drapes,

I stood before a mirror and I saw me,

Yes! Me

I’m at the centre now

In this mirror which I am,

I can be anything I choose

Right now, right here

I choose goodness

From and to me.




Writer’s Bio

My name is Damilola Oladoja aka DammyGold. I am a Christian, a writer, poet and a blogger (dammyinspire.blogspot.com.ng). I graduated from the University of Lagos, i currently work with Microensure West Africa Ltd.

I love Music, Fashion and inspiring people, am inspired by words, quotes, stories,environments and people. I believe words should be used to bless,create,and express love.