I walk in the rain
So you would not see my tears
I walk in the shadows
So you would not see my fears

I walk in the fire
So you would not see my pain
I walk in the storm
So you would not see my troubles

I walk with the music
So you would not hear my cries
I walk in the dark
So you would not see my evil

I walk, I walk
And I keep walking
But have nowhere to hide my weakness

So I walk in the crowd
To get lost in its sound
Your voice calls out to me
But is lost in the noise
As I wander, a stranger, in this crowd.

About the Author.

I am Ugochukwu Gabriella Ifunanya, a 300-level student of Computer Science, University of Ibadan, who has a great passion for writing.
I love rock, country, jazz and classical music.
My hobbies are dancing, reading novels and poems,
singing, physical exercise and acting drama.
Social media handles:
@i__nanya @eyesthatlisten on Instagram
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