The purest of intentions can be a lie,
The truest of love could turn sour,
A joyful face would always cry,
The balance changes each hour.
Of she my tale tell,
Who loved another so hard,
My child listen and hear me well,
A story of how love turned one mad.
Handsome was this stranger, said the fair folk,
One encounter and she crowned him hers,
And she swore to put him under her yoke,
Non shall take what belonged to her.
Again and again she wooed him,
At times a shy maid, or a temptress,
But all this didn’t deceive him,
No matter what,  he wasn’t impressed.
Till out of desperation ,
She sought to give him the ultimate gift,
In other to deepen their relation,
And ending any rift.
So when the morning rose and air misty,
She took her children to the lake,
Throwing them in, Ignoring how risky,
 as she dreamed of the love they will make.
But fortune didn’t smile on this one,
As our poor fool soon found out,
Witnessing such evil,  he had since run,
And for her sins,  she was cast out.
Cursed not to depart to the afterlife,
And to search in vain for what she lost,
Amongst the living she causes death and strife,
For such sin enacts a stiif cost.
O my sweet bella,
Let me sing you a song
Let our tale be endless
And our love be for eternity
As weather the storm
O my sweet Bella
Let sing your praise
Let our story be endless
So that time himself be jealous
O my sweet bella
Let me hear you sing
And let the birds feel ashamed
For your voice is divine
O my sweet bella
Look at the flowers
They cower in your presence
For you are far more beautiful
O my sweet bella
Look, even the sun dims
And it’s brightness pales
For you are incomparable
O my sweet bella
Let me sing you a song
For you gift me with so much love
And i am left in awe.
*Marvalo Neboh*
Obinna Neboh properly known by the pen-name Marvalo is a 22year old poet and writer from Enugu state.
He is a student of Agricultural economics at Federal university of agriculture Abeokuta(Funaab). He currently resides at Lagos state.