Her grip got tighter and tighter. Her screams louder and louder.

It seemed the rhythm of our heart beats were in sync.

It seemed I could feel what she was feeling

like a cardiac morse code.

She started on her back, then on her knees, then finally on her side

there was something beautiful in this divine process.


My pulse was racing faster and faster, it was almost finished.

And with one final push it was done.


The nurse held this beautiful child in her arms. I was exhaling with joy,

she exhausted. I looked at her sweat beaten forehead, I kissed it with reverence.

The love and respect I had for her increased a million fold

it burned like a million suns. The nurse handed her the child.


About The Author

Patrick Oke jr is a geek and a ‘creative’. When asked what that means he simply replies that he has too many interests to limit himself to one category. He holds a BA in Creative Arts form the University Of Lagos.

An MA in Film and Media production from the Edinburgh Napier University and a diploma in Film and Visual Effects from the London Met Film School.

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