Get a good girl before the riches come my momma used to say,
Because if the riches come before her you don’t know if she in it for the money or she love you each and every day.
Momma said, remember while the sun is shining don’t forget to make your hay,
Because time is too short to tell what would happen or what not may.
Always surround yourself with true believers and good folks,
People with the gumption and the wit to tell good jokes.
Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by life’s choices and always make the right call,
Beware of these four things my son; sex, money, drugs & alcohol.
Don’t let your life be dependent upon others and vice versa as the case might be,
Because when push comes to shove your true friends you’ll see.
Always try to be honest, full of integrity and let a good reputation precede you,
Humility, Altruism, Faith, Love, Meekness and Temperance these traits you should carry in you.
Expectations from people and Trust in people these things you should not do,
Because if you do you would be bamboozled like a king being overthrown in a coup.
Unlike the john, do not take shit from no one but always be forbearing,
Be a chameleon to the situations people are in, empathize with other people and be caring.
And if you do marry, Love your wife wholeheartedly no matter the situation she is in,
Even if people look down on her, even if they say she is trash you should be her dustbin.




Writer’s Bio 

My Name is Toluwani Oluwamuyiwa. First born of Four, I am currently an Undergraduate of the University of Lagos, studying Mechanical Engineering, I like making my invisible thoughts manifest, and I do that with a Pen and Paper.